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[News] Red Hat Releases New RTOS

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Red Hat revs real-time MRG Linux to 1.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat today 
| kicked out the 1.2 release of its 
| Enterprise MRG Linux variant for real-time, 
| messaging, and grid computing.


Red Hat Tunes Up Real-Time OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat is aiming for lowered latency and 
| improved performance with the second update 
| of the year to its real-time Linux 
| platform.
| The Linux vendor's new MRG 1.2 (short for 
| Messaging, Real-Time, Grid) release 
| includes new tools and improved technology 
| designed to better enhance the OS's value 
| for customers who rely on real-time 
| performance.


Independent Study Highlights Significant Opportunities for Cost 
Savings and Benefits with JBoss Enterprise Middleware

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading 
| provider of open source solutions, today 
| announced the release of a commissioned 
| study conducted by Forrester Consulting on 
| behalf of Red Hat detailing significant 
| cost savings and benefits achieved by one 
| Red Hat customer, a major 
| telecommunications provider, after 
| migrating from proprietary middleware to 
| JBoss Enterprise Middleware. 



Red Hat Enterprise Linux tuning tips help boost performance

,----[ Quote ]
| Shakshober and Larry Woodman, a Red Hat
| consulting engineer, lead four-day
| performance tuning courses for advanced users
| throughout the year and offer a briefer
| version for intermediate users annually at
| the Red Hat Summit.


Fedora 12 and unprivileged package installation

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the release, and all of the publicity
| and complaints, the maintainers of PackageKit
| have decided to remove the feature. Out of
| this controversy, though, are lessons for any
| project regarding security, transparency, and
| system defaults. There were no real
| complaints about the existence of the
| feature, rather it was the choice to make it
| the default, coupled with a lack of any
| notice of the change, that led to the outcry.


The Value of Red Hatâs Subscription Model and Support

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, a number of vendors have come forth
| stating support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
| and forked distributions offered by others in
| the industry. At Red Hat, we know that truly
| supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux is not
| only about support services, but also about
| the value of the entire Red Hat subscription.


Red Hat's CEO on Obama jobs summit â 'Creating jobs the open source way'

,----[ Quote ]
| That said, as the leader of Red Hat, I think
| I bring a different perspective. As indicated
| in our recent filings, Red Hat has grown â
| both revenue and people â and has done so at
| a double digit pace in the worst recession of
| modern times. And so, while it is important
| to restart job growth in stagnant areas of
| the economy, I think it is just as important
| to look to approaches that are working to
| inform our countryâs broader economic
| efforts.


Red Hat innovation flows from Westford

,----[ Quote ]
| âI have major products going on in the
| Czech Republic and China and Australia and
| some on the West Coast, but this is the
| central place for all that,â Cormier said.
| Those products are all based on Red Hatâs
| Fedora flavor of the open source Linux
| operating system, and the game-changer
| version for corporations, Red Hat
| Enterprise Linux, or RHEL. But selling an
| open source OS to big business was just a
| dream at Red Hat when Cormier came on board
| in 2000.

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