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[News] New Zealand Fights Back Against ACTA

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,----[ Quote ]
| This purpose of this site is to provide 
| information about the Anti-Counterfeiting 
| Trade Agreement, and its potential impacts 
| in New Zealand.
| ACTA is a 'plurilateral' treaty, currently 
| being negotiated between the US, Canada, 
| Japan, the European Union, South Korea, 
| Mexico, Switzerland, Australia and New 
| Zealand.


Secret copyright treaty meeting coming to New Zealand; activists get ready

,----[ Quote ]
| The opposition movement that formed in 
| response to the "three strikes" rule is 
| ready to take action on ACTA, to make sure 
| that New Zealand's information policy is 
| made democratically, and not through secret 
| meetings in back rooms. They are organizing 
| their response to the ACTA negotiations next 
| April, and given their amazing mobilization 
| against "three strikes" the last time 
| around, I expect great things. If you're 
| from .nz or live there now, tell your 
| friends and loved ones about this: your 
| family's ability to communicate, earn a 
| living, get an education and participate in 
| civil society could be jeapordized by the 
| decisions the elite plan on making in your 
| country.
| And hey, Mexico! There's an ACTA meeting 
| headed your way in January. Got anything 
| planned? 


Is EU Parroting the ACTA Lie?

,----[ Quote ]
| I've written several times about the trick 
| that ACTA uses to blur the distinction 
| between large-scale, criminal 
| counterfeiting, and domestic, personal 
| copyright infringement. Sadly, the EU seems 
| to be following the same script...



US studios want NZ copyright justice 'streamlined'

,----[ Quote ]
| Federation Against Copyright Theft executive director Tony Eaton has
| signalled the lobby group may push for a "streamlined" enforcement regime
| that would mean people accused of piracy could be cut off from the internet
| without a full hearing.

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