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[News] ARM-based Sub-notebooks to Hit the Market with GNU/Linux, Google

  • Subject: [News] ARM-based Sub-notebooks to Hit the Market with GNU/Linux, Google
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 16:09:50 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Ready or not, 2010 could be the year of the smartbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| For the past 12 months or so, weâve heard a 
| lot of talk about mini-laptops running ARM-
| based processors. These so-called 
| âsmartbooksâ feature low power ARM 
| processors which means that while they canât 
| run Windows XP or 7, they can run Linux, 
| last for a very long time on a charge, and 
| some feature integrated 3G connectivity and 
| HD video acceleration features. You also get 
| the ability to receive emails, instant 
| messages, and other data even while the 
| computer is in sleep mode. In other words, 
| theyâre like a cross between a smartphone 
| and a netbook, which explains the whole 
| âsmartbookâ name.


New Asus âPinetrailâ netbooks top 10 hour battery life

,----[ Quote ]
| Asusâ upgraded Eee PC netbooks sport Intelâs 
| new Atom N450 processor for over ten hours 
| battery life, plus the quick loading 
| âSplashtopâ pre-boot Linux OS.



,----[ Quote ]
| All over the web are warnings that netbooks 
| are doomed.
| [...]
| No. This is about wishful thinking by the 
| monopolists who need high retail prices to 
| hide the price of their part of the PC, CPUs 
| and licences for software. If prices for 
| netbooks rise, fewer will be sold. 
| Fortunately entrepreneurs all over the world 
| continue to make less expensive netbooks. 
| ARM will dominate netbooks in 2010. You can 
| trade a lot of day-long battery-life for 
| some hair-drying CPUs anytime.


White-Box Foxconn Netbooks Surface at FCC

,----[ Quote ]
| The rather interesting element is the fact 
| that these are white-box models. This means 
| that the devices will bear the brands of 
| other companies, which implies that Foxconn 
| may have already completed its marketing 
| plans concerning the PCs. If the company has 
| already decided on which companies will sell 
| its product, the actual availability may 
| ramp up over the next couple of months or 
| so.


NorhTec Gecko Edubook first look: Netbook that runs on AA batteries

,----[ Quote ]
| I mean sure, it has an 8.9 inch 1024 x 600 
| pixel display and can run Windows or Linux. 



Foxconn Linux netbook hits the FCC

,----[ Quote ]
| Foxconn is a Taiwanese OEM that makes computers
| that are rebranded and sold under different
| company monikers. So I donât expect to see the
| Foxconn SZ901P hit US shelves anytime soon, at
| least not under that name. But the FCC has
| published documents related to a netbook under
| that name.
| The one interesting thing about the Foxconn
| netbook is that it supports Windows XP as well
| as a custom Linux distribution called FoxOS,
| which includes a dock-style program launcher.


Foxconn netbook runs on Linux


Foxconn working on 'sub-Â100' ARM-based Linux netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Will ARM-based netbooks retail for under Â100? The Taiwanese contract
| manufacturer behind the Foxconn brand seems to think so.
| A Hon Hai Precision staffer - one Young Liu, special assistant to the company's
| CEO - admitted this week that "we have a few smartbook projects and I think there
| is demand for these sub-$200 devices".


Foxconn developing inexpensive, Arm-based smartbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Foxconn Technology plans to launch its first smartbooks next year, which are
| mini-laptops that use microprocessors from Arm Holdings normally found in
| smartphones.


Foxconn, ACPI fail, and leaving money on the table

,----[ Quote ]
| It's cheaper to support Linux than to add support for another proprietary OS.
| For ACPI, just read one paper and avoid Linux-specific tests. For most
| hardware, somebody please throw the Linux Driver Project a boneâthere's a
| long list of driver developers waiting for one of the rare unsupported
| devices.

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