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Re: [News] [H]omer to Launch Free as in Freedom GNU/Linux Distribution; More New Releases

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____/ Homer on Sunday 03 Jan 2010 01:48 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Tim Smith spake thusly:
>> In article <hgtt82$pfc$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>> Hadron<hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> | particular is closely related to the same issues surrounding
>>>> | the PackageKit scandal. If unprivileged users are never given
>>>> | elevated privileges in the first place, then there simply isn't
>>>> | any need for mandatory access controls - standard UNIX security
>>>> | methods are sufficient.
>>>> `----
>>> Oh I see! You're another power freak!
> Idiot.
> The "power" is not mine, but /root's/, and it's a power that's been
> respected by *nix user's for decades, because it /protects/ those users
> from exactly the kind of insecurities which plague inherently insecure
> operating systems like Windows.
>> He should get into the spirit of GNU and give the users power, not
>> keep it from them. From the GNU su manual:
>> 23.6.1 Why GNU su does not support the 'wheel' group
>> (This section is by Richard Stallman.)
> (This section is by me.)
> I am not Richard Stallman.
> I have my own doctrines.

I've noticed that people conclude that those who agree with RMS on something are just
assumed to be his "followers" who agree with everything he (or the FSF) does.

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