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[News] GNU/Linux Predictions for 2010

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Linux and FOSS-related Predictions for 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, more ARM and MIPS-based âsmartbooksâ 
| will be sold than x86-powered machines UMPCs
| I am willing to bet the so-called âsmartbookâ 
| market is just short of exploding. With chips 
| like the Longsoon and distros like xPUD, there 
| is no way people will be able to resist 
| under-$100 smartbooks. This will be achieved 
| in 2010, it is the next big thing, not 
| tablets. I am aware of the broken promises by 
| vendors in the recent years. Now it will be 
| different, prices have been driven very low, 
| we just need to wait for someone with a vision 
| (no, not Negroponte).
| So, letâs talk about 2010 in the comments! 
| What are you excited about, what do you think 
| will happen?


Surfin': Visit the Online Ham Radio Stacks

,----[ Quote ]
| Those of you who lean towards Linux should 
| check out the January 2010 issue of Linux 
| Journal. It features ham radio with three 
| feature articles on the subject: "An Amateur 
| Radio Survival Guide for Linux Users," "Xastir 
| -- Open-Source Client for the Automatic Packet 
| Reporting System" and "Rolling Your Own with 
| Digital Amateur Radio."



Open Source 2010: New Year's predictions.

,----[ Quote ]
| New Year predictions are of course a
| licence to speculate. What's more the
| normal boundaries of sanity are loosened
| sufficiently to make the predictions fun
| rather than libellous.
| 'Predictions' in the above context are
| merely extrapolations of what has occurred
| already, (genuine sight of the future is
| best left to the psychics), so it's not
| really that hard to do if ... you look
| closely at what is going on now. But, the
| other component of a prediction uses what I
| call 'white space' analysis which involves
| looking for gaps and silences. In other
| words looking for lack of information. This
| is important.

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