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[News] Copyright Cartel: the Confrontation Continues, Stories Show Need for Reform

  • Subject: [News] Copyright Cartel: the Confrontation Continues, Stories Show Need for Reform
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 15:03:32 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Copyright â Why it is Important to Me

,----[ Quote ]
| Because of all of the above, I have an 
| enormously strong interest in copyright. 
| Iâve been reading everything I could get my 
| hands on, and based on what Iâve seen, the 
| WIPO Internet Treaties, which are 
| supposedly about artists rights, are 
| instead one of the worst attacks on artists 
| ever written.
| Ratification of these treaties, will damage 
| Canadian artists, will damage Canadian 
| culture, and will destroy the very things 
| that the treaties purport to support.
| The recent Canadian legislation which âdied 
| on the order paperâ was a disaster. It too, 
| in itâs attempts to enact the flawed WIPO 
| Internet treaties, would have damaged 
| artists badly.


Is Inline Linking To An Image Copyright Infringement?

,----[ Quote ]
| I thought the post might be one of those 
| blog posts that reminds us how frequently 
| everyone "technically" infringes on 
| copyright incidentally and how this 
| demonstrates how screwed up copyright law 
| is. But, no, instead, this appears to be a 
| serious "warning" claiming that most 
| bloggers are risking the potential of 
| $150,000 fines by using images they find 
| online. 


Game Marketer Insists That Every Downloaded Copy Of Modern Warfare 2 Is Stolen By Immoral Thieves

,----[ Quote ]
| Everiss simply hated the fact that Evony -- 
| the company trying to sue him -- came up 
| with a business model that involves exactly 
| the sort of thing we like: giving stuff 
| away for free, and coming up with more 
| advanced reasons to buy. That still doesn't 
| excuse the libel claim, but Everiss does 
| seem to have a bit of trouble understanding 
| basic economics of digital goods. A whole 
| bunch of you have sent in his recent rant 
| about how many people "stole" Modern 
| Warfare 2. It's the sort of thing we had 
| thought went out of style years ago, when 
| people realized that every download wasn't 
| a lost sale, and there were lots of reasons 
| that people might download other than a 
| lack of "moral fiber."


UFC Set To Beat Up Internet Pirates, RIAA-Style

,----[ Quote ]
| In December 2009, Ultimate Fighting 
| Championship CEO Lorenzo Fertitta testified 
| at a hearing of the US House Judiciary 
| Committee, claiming that the UFC is losing 
| millions to online piracy. Now, in an RIAA-
| style escalation, the company says it will 
| not only start suing sites, but also 
| individual downloaders.


A Case That Has It All: Kim Kardashian, Twitter, Libel, Cookie Diets... And The New FTC Sponsorship Rules

,----[ Quote ]
| Oh boy. Here's a fun one. You had to expect 
| that there would be more defamation 
| lawsuits about Twitter following the first 
| one involving Courtney Love, but this one 
| is quite impressive, considering of all the 
| twists and turns that must be followed. It 
| involves some company promoting something 
| called "The Cookie Diet" (which appears to 
| be exactly what you would think) suing Kim 
| Kardashian for libel. If you don't keep up 
| with pop culture, Kim Kardashian is one of 
| those people famous for being famous. The 
| details of the lawsuit, though, are 
| somewhat complex, and it's difficult to 
| figure out who to side with in this 
| trainwreck in progress (and, yes, it seems 
| pretty likely that the whole thing is a 
| publicity stunt for all involved, but that 
| doesn't mean it's not worth covering). 


Billboard Model Angelyne Sues "Notorious" Filmmakers For Copyright Infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| Angelyne claims that the biopic, about the 
| life of the late hip-hop star Notorious 
| B.I.G., featured a 12-second shot of one of 
| Angelyne's billboards without her prior 
| consent or authorization.


Setback For 'Net Lyric Site

,----[ Quote ]
| The National Music Publishers' Association 
| said Tuesday that it has won its latest 
| copyright infringement battle against the 
| operator of an illegal free-lyric Web site.


I wasnât supposed to take this picture

,----[ Quote ]
| Hereâs the backdrop: Last week I was in 
| Toronto for the holidays, visiting family 
| and friends, and I decided to take my four-
| year-old son Gabriel and two-year-old son 
| Zev to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see 
| works by the Group of Seven. Zev was pretty 
| entranced by the Lawren Harris paintings â 
| thatâs him above, checking out one of 
| Harrisâ works. (I didnât note the name of 
| that painting; does anyone know?)
| [...]
| Ah well. My line of logic here is, I admit, 
| rather loose and rambling. Jamieâs video-
| game paintings do not actually impinge on 
| any copyright from earlier paintings; 
| theyâre using the style of a former 
| generation of artists, not their specific 
| content. Still, the whole thing made me 
| think a lot about the way art builds on art 
| â and how copyright law can actually get in 
| the way of art appreciation. 



,----[ Quote ]
| The strange aspect of ACTA is that we donât 
| have public access to the shared documents. 
| But is access to the drafts really 
| necessary?



Faking the arguments for ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Admitted, I trust him. Dr. Paul RÃbig is a
| great MEP from Austria, where he
| represents the Austrian Christian
| Democratic party (ÃVP) in the Industry
| committee. I know him as a fierce and
| passionate supporter of small and medium
| sized companies and European
| entrepreneurs.
| Admitted, counterfeiting of goods is a
| problem for the European Union. Though
| references to the scape goat nations
| shift: when the first enforcement
| directive was in Parliament âEastern
| Europeanâ counterfeiters took the blame.
| Now the Eastern European problem seems to
| have vanished and other âhordesâ are said
| to threaten us. I am cautious to describe
| his remarks as âracistsâ. Europe faces
| immigration pressure from Africa, labour
| protection of immigrants  is a problem and
| European manufacturers perceive
| counterfeiting as a challenge. I also
| prefer straight talk over superficial
| political correctness. How on earth does
| all this relate to ACTA? Listen to Dr.
| RÃbig:
| We have to consider what the
| superficiality does to our political
| culture. Cheap enemy advocacy schemes used
| by the Commission and lobby stakeholders
| fire back on conservative values, and lead
| to the kind of brainstorming we witness in
| the video. What do we expect when a person
| from the DG Trade makes his arrogant jokes
| on China?

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