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[News] Linux Kernel Developers Paid Well for Writing GPL-licensed Code

  • Subject: [News] Linux Kernel Developers Paid Well for Writing GPL-licensed Code
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 17:38:42 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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75% of Linux code now written by paid developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Forget lofty ideals about the open-source 
| community: most Linux kernel code is 
| written by paid developers at major 
| corporations.
| [...]
| During a presentation at Linux.conf.au 2010 
| in Wellington, LWN.net founder and kernel 
| contributor Jonathan Corbet offered an 
| analysis of the code contributed to the 
| Linux kernel between December 24 2008 and 
| January 10 2010. (The kernel serves as a 
| basis from which individual distributions 
| such as Ubuntu, Debian or Red Hat are 
| developed, though these will often add or 
| remove specific features.)


The Importance of Legal Innovation 

,----[ Quote ]
| To that end, on February 10, 2010 the Linux 
| Foundation and the Open Source Initiative 
| will host a Strategic Planning Session for 
| lawyers active in support or adoption of 
| free and open source software. At this 
| meeting our legal community will consider 
| what legal issues we anticipate may arise 
| and what foundations we might be able to 
| lay to support continued rise of free and 
| open source software.


Size Can Matter: Ramdisk Journal Metadata Performance - Part 2

,----[ Quote ]
| As with the previous article, four journal 
| sizes are tested to understand the impact 
| of journal size on metadata performance. 
| The four journal sizes are:
|     * 16MB (0.0032% of file system size)
|     * 64MB (0.0128% of file system size)
|     * 256MB (0.0512% of file system size)
|     * 1GB (0.2% of file system size)



Kernel Log: Linux 2.6.33 enters test phase

,----[ Quote ]
| With the end of the next kernel version's
| main development phase, the most important
| new features of Linux 2.6.33 have been
| determined: DRBD, Nouveau, support of the
| Trim ATA command and a bandwidth controller
| for block devices. The developers have also
| improved the Radeon drivers and the support
| of Intel Wi-Fi chips. New stable kernels
| also fix a vulnerability in the code of
| Ext4, but will shortly be superseded by
| even more current versions.


Linux 2.6.33 RC1

,----[ Quote ]
| Talking about the merge window: there were a
| lot of trees that left their pull requests
| pretty dang late. Not everything I merged
| yesterday and today were late pull requests,
| but a lot of it was. I'm used to have a
| fairly busy last day of the merge window, but
| it was a busy last two days  this time -
| definitely worse than usual.


Kernel Log: New stable kernels, 2.6.33 with DRBD and RT2800PCI

,----[ Quote ]
| Kernel versions, and
| offer minor improvements and correct
| several bugs â including one security hole.
| Torvalds has already incorporated more than
| 5,000 changes for Linux 2.6.33. Its merge
| window will probably be open for just over
| another week. Various developers are working
| on significant improvements to the open source
| Radeon graphics drivers.


A Great Present In The Linux 2.6.33 Kernel

,----[ Quote ]
| David Airlie has just called upon Linus
| Torvalds to pull in the latest DRM patches
| for inclusion into the Linux 2.6.33 kernel.
| The Direct Rendering Manager improvements in
| this next kernel release will be
| particularly interesting and are perhaps as
| significant as earlier kernels that had
| introduced kernel mode-setting support for
| Intel and ATI/AMD hardware along with in-
| kernel memory management. The changes that
| the Linux 2.6.33 kernel will bring are
| aplenty and will impact almost all of those
| using an open-source graphics driver stack.

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