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[News] GNU/Linux Text Editors Hailed

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Geany's Almost Magical Text-Editing Capabilities

,----[ Quote ]
| Geany was just the text editor I was looking 
| for after switching from Windows to Linux. I 
| wanted a lightweight, nimble application with 
| functionality that would serve my writing 
| needs when a full-fledged word processing app 
| wasn't necessary -- for me, most of the time. 
| I found it in an IDE designed for programmers.


Gedit Makes a Great Minimal Note Taker

,----[ Quote ]
| On Ubuntu, the default text-editor Gedit works 
| great, and has a few extra features that make 
| taking plain-text notes a bit more convenient, 
| like a side-bar file browser so you can easily 
| open multiple files, and automatic time/date 
| insertion if youâre keeping a journal.



Two Minimalist Linux Text Editors That Make Writing Easy

,----[ Quote ]
| It took decades of writing, but Iâve come to
| a realisation: word processors do way more
| than what I need. Programs like Microsoft
| Office and Open Office are intended for
| laying out content visually to be printed on
| sheets of paper. You can use them to format
| text in your desired font, to add tables and
| even graphics.
| [...]
| For my day to day writing needs I use
| PyRoom. This isnât to say Iâm not impressed
| with WriteRoomâs feature set â itâs just
| that PyRoom is GTK based and Iâm a Gnome
| user. The fact that thereâs a solid option
| for both major desktops is great, thoughâ
| that sort of choice is no small part of why
| Iâm a Linux user in the first place.


Two task organizers

,----[ Quote ]
| I like TreeLine for having a polished
| interface and a structured feel to it, but
| neither it nor beeswax (or Agenda, to be
| honest) is likely to dethrone hnb for me any
| time soon. TreeLine is clever and
| attractive, but seems unnecessarily mouse-
| driven, or overcomplicated for things like
| checklists. And like I said, beeswax doesnât
| really feel like itâs finished.
| So hnb by comparison is just too fast and
| easy. Right arrow makes a new branch. Start
| typing and a new item is added. You can
| embed checklists in standard hierarchies.
| Copy and paste throughout the tree. Export
| into several different formats, including

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