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Re: [Rival] Ballmer Again Embarrasses Microsoft in Public

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 26 Jan 2010 19:28 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Enkidu spake thusly:
>> amicus_curious wrote:
> [...]
>>> I think that Homer is a silly goose to try to paint some sort of
>>> dark picture over this trivial event.
>> Of all the problems in the world, this one must be in the bottom one
>>  billionth. Rubbing alcohol will take it right off if he doesn't want
>>  it.
> The outcome is less significant than the motive. The /point/ I'm
> asserting is that Ballmer speaks, thinks and acts with malice, on this
> and every other occasion.
> And Ballmer's malice may not be the world's most significant problem,
> but it is certainly one of the biggest for Linux, or anything else which
> dares to compete with Microsoft, and that is all which really interests me.
> Microsoft is a problem because of people like Ballmer, and this event is
> yet another example of why.

Over a month ago he pretended to stomp on an iPhone/iPod and there was another
embarrassing video from that event which got pulled (they forbade filming 
The Fester Monster). 

Also look up the video where Ballmer throws Kawasaki's Macbook Air. He's infantile.

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