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[News] Red Hat Goes Back to Stressing "Free Software"

  • Subject: [News] Red Hat Goes Back to Stressing "Free Software"
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 06:20:55 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The Free Software Way, by Richard Fontana, Esq.

,----[ Quote ]
| I thought I'd introduce you to the 
| website's rich content by posting an 
| article from the Law section. It's by 
| Richard Fontana, who is Red Hat's Open 
| Source Licensing and Patent Counsel, and I 
| know him and trust him from being on the 
| committee that he chaired in the revision 
| of GPLv3. I can republish his article, 
| because it's under a Creative Commons 
| license, Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 
| Unported, which means you are free to 
| republish it and share it with others under 
| those terms as well. I think you'll want 
| to, because he explains very clearly the 
| legal rights that are implied by free, not 
| just open source, software, and its 
| extension to other areas, and why open 
| source, while necessary, is not enough. 


covered here:

The Free Software Way

,----[ Quote ]
| There have been lots of âfauxpen sourceâ 
| efforts to pretend they are Open Source by 
| simply exposing source code. Iâm sure the 
| Gentle Reader will be shocked that 
| Microsoft leads the way in âinnovatingâ 
| here: Shared Source, the MS-LPL and MS-LRL 
| licenses, âcovenantsâ not to sue sub-sets 
| of users and so forth.
|     To me, then, open source is not a 
|     development methodology, let alone a 
|     distillation of broadly-applicable 
|     principles seen as underlying such a 
|     methodology. Rather, open source is a 
|     specific legal model of property rights 
|     transfer. To put it differently, open 
|     source is about freedom to use, modify, 
|     and share creative material that could 
|     otherwise be severely legally 
|     restricted by the author. (Source code 
|     availability is relevant because 
|     otherwise the freedom of modification 
|     would be practically impossible to 
|     exercise.)
| This encapsulates so well the failure of 
| the term âOpen Sourceâ: if open source is 
| about freedom, then say it. Call it âFree 
| Softwareâ. At least call it âFree and Open 
| Sourceâ or âFLOSSâ or âFOSSâ or something 
| that acknowledges that Freedom is what it 
| is really all about.



European Parliament To Restart The Workgroup On Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| A number of members of the European
| Parliament are about to start an informal
| cross-party working group on 'New Media,
| Free and Open Source Software and Open
| Information Society'. The intergroup is
| expected to begin in February 2010, with the
| support of the European People's Party
| (EPP), the Alliance of Liberals and
| Democrats (Alde) and the European Greens.

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