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[News] How Free Software Advances Personal Freedom

  • Subject: [News] How Free Software Advances Personal Freedom
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 11:06:58 +0000
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Adam Gifford: Open source route frees the mind

,----[ Quote ]
| One thing holding back the greater 
| adoption of free software in this country 
| is free software.
| Schools could use Linux and other open 
| source technologies, but the Education 
| Ministry very kindly negotiates on their 
| behalf with Microsoft for a licence 
| covering all New Zealand state and 
| integrated schools.


Open Societies need open systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Openness, like democracy, must be 
| constantly defended, says Bill Thompson.


Free Software as Part of the Anarchist Toolkit

,----[ Quote ]
| The free software movement has unwittingly 
| presented the peoples of the world with an 
| important tool to avail of, on the 
| frontlines of democracy. Many of those 
| previously and currently engaged in the 
| free software movement are unlikely to be 
| fully aware of the consequences and 
| benefits of their work and may still be 
| living in the fantasy belief world of neo-
| liberalism, free markets, trickle down 
| economics, endless growth, domination and 
| mindless consumerism. This is simply 
| because many of the participants just do 
| it ( -i.e. write code) and are not in any 
| formal way a member of anything in 
| particular, or politically motivated. 
| Undoubtedly global capitalism has also fed 
| off the free software movement and gained 
| its own benefits, but on balance it would 
| seem it has been positive to ordinary 
| people too.


Rethinking Open Data

,----[ Quote ]
| In the last year I've been involved in two 
| open data projects, Open New Zealand and 
| data.govt.nz. I believe in learning from 
| experience and I've seen some signs 
| recently that other projects might benefit 
| from my experience, so this post is a 
| recap of what I've learned. It's the 
| byproduct of a summer reflection on my 
| last nine months working in open data.



The real stake in 'free flow of information'

,----[ Quote ]
| Unlike advanced Western countries, Chinese
| society is still vulnerable to the effect of
| multifarious information flowing in,
| especially when it is for creating disorder.
| Western countries have long indoctrinated
| non-Western nations on the issue of freedom
| of speech. It is an aggressive political and
| diplomatic strategy, rather than a desire
| for moral values, that has led them to do
| so.

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