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Re: Apple Malware Patent

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 12 Jan 2010 23:35 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Gregory Shearman spake thusly:
>> If supernatural beings *ever* make an appearance
> But supernatural beings have /already/ made an appearance ... right here
> in COLA. One of them is named "Hadron", who has the power to cull choice
> of operating system by sucking the essence of individuality from humans.

Maybe he's part of the Pam Pam Edstrom cult:

Microsoftâs Public Image â Billions Well Spent

Key to Microsoftâs success is its public image. Whatever reality may be, it is critical for 
Microsoft to keep the public on its side. To this end they employ a number of PR (Public 
Relations) firms, most prominently Waggener Edstrom. Microsoft pays Waggener Edstrom about 
a quarter of a billion $$ a year (thatâs billion with a B) and other PR firms many millions 
more to keep Bill Gateâs image polished and Microsoft shining in the public eye.
Humans are pack animals, and packs canât have a lot of leaders, so most people are 
genetically disposed to admire and follow a rich and powerful leader. Microsoftâs PR 
campaigns have been highly successful. Even with evidence of its true personality pouring 
off the TV screen and printed page, the American public remains faithful to the image.

Edelman put together a program to fake spontaneous âgrass rootsâ support for Microsoft.âSo 
how was this achieved? Fortunately, we donât have to guess. Pam Edstrom is a principal of 
Waggener Edstrom. She has a daughter, Jenifer. Jenifer wrote a book, Barbarians Lead by 
Bill Gates detailing her motherâs work. This book is not on Microsoftâs recommended reading 

Astro-Turf â Another PR firm, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, was much in the news in 
April 1998. Microsoft, concerned about image damage from the Department of Justice 
investigation, had Edelman put together a program to fake spontaneous âgrass rootsâ support 
for Microsoft. Prominent public and industry personalities were to be paid to submit 
Microsoft prepared letters and columns to newspapers and magazines as their own. This is 
known as an âastro-turfâ campaign in honor of itâs fake grass roots.

The Los Angeles Times obtained a set of Microsoft / Edelman planning documents and 
published an expose. Microsoft immediately denied everything. When it became obvious nobody 
believed them, they claimed it was just a proposal and they had not acted on it. Faced with 
the fact that the main kick-off had already been held with PR people flown in from all over 
the country, Microsoft responded that they âhad a rightâ to tell their story. In other 
words, Microsoft feels they have a right to pay people to deceive the public. For more 
information see âLinksâ [k1,k2,k3]
Microsoft has apparently made good on itâs claimed ârightâ to go ahead with this campaign. 
Since the LA Times article, many letters and columns displaying an unusual sameness in 
subject, wording and lack of substantiation have been published in many newspapers and 

Above and beyond all this is Microsoftâs massive advertising budget, one of the largest on 
the planet â an advertising budget that makes the editors of most industry magazines 
willing conduits for the Microsoft public relations story.

Beyond paid PR, there is a considerable effort using Microsoft employees who âparticipateâ 
in on-line discussion groups, usually without admitting they are Microsoft employees.
The most famous âparticipationâ case was the âBarkto incidentâ. A person calling himself 
Steve Barkto appeared in OS/2 discussion groups claiming to be a big IBM customer in 
Oklahoma who had adopted OS/2. Barkto had nothing good to say about OS/2 or IBM, and many 
of the things he said were outright lies. His posting was traced back to an account that 
was paid for by the credit card of Rick Segal, a high Microsoft executive.
âWagEd is not part of Microsoft. They can be subpoenaed. Brought to court they might tell 
the truth to avoid a perjury conviction. Microsoft is forced to do its own PR on some 
issues, and isnât at all good at it.âYears ago, on-line postings by Microsoft âshillsâ were 
easy to spot. Not only did they spout the party line precisely, but their grammar and 
spelling were always excellent â highly unusual for newsgroup posts. They learn â todayâs 
shills use some of the worst spelling seen on the net and are often almost incoherent. pro 
Microsoft âShill festsâ often follow magazine articles embarrassing to Microsoft but 
verified to be true. If you canât deny it, bring out the shills!

The most prominent MS shill today is Michael Merlin, who claims to post from Paris France 
(his variable command of English has aroused suspicion he is more than one person). Michael 
denounces as a lie any statement critical of Microsoft, and claims all witnesses who 
testified against Microsoft in the DOJ case were lying. He will not answer any question as 
to his financial relationship with Microsoft (and he has been asked many times).

Microsoft and the Truth â âHave we been introduced?â

Prominent InfoWorld columnist Nick Petreley, who is also a bible student, wrote a column in 
1997 based on the passage âWhen the devil speaks lies, he speaks his native tongueâ. 
According to Mr. Petreley, Microsoft is not the devil, but, âShould Microsoft ever meet up 
with the devil, they wonât need a translator.â He gave plenty of examples. Unfortunately, 
practically any statement from Microsoft, whether about the company, its products or the 
products of others, must be presumed to be, at the least, a misrepresentation of fact.
A recent Microsoftâs distortion is to imply they invented XML, which they most certainly 
did not. They submitted some improvements to the XML DTD (data definition section) and the 
W3C committe accepted them with little change. The claim is probably a face saving move 
since XML is so central to Microsoftâs .NET initiative, but it is untrue just the same.
Microsoft has long depended on the PR firm Waggener Edstrom to cover up and smooth over. 
WagEd has done a magnificent job of creating a public image completely unrelated to 
reality, and truly deserves the hundreds of millions Microsoft has paid them. The reason 
the image is now crumbling is simple. Microsoft is in court. WagEd is not part of 
Microsoft. They can be subpoenaed. Brought to court they might tell the truth to avoid a 
perjury conviction. Microsoft is forced to do its own PR on some issues, and isnât at all 
good at it.

Watching the Justice Department directly contrast Bill Gatesâ testimony against his own 
email has introduced the public to what we in the industry have long known. Hereâs another 
lovely example. Microsoft denounced Wendy Goldwin Rholmâs book The Secret Microsoft Files 
as âpure fictionâ â then, in court, accused Caldera of leaking confidential documents to 
Goldwin Rholm (obtained for the Caldera vs Microsoft court battle). So which is it, all 
lies or leaked truth?


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		~~ Best of wishes

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