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[News] Recording Industry (MAFIAA) Loses to Music Industry (Actual Artists)

  • Subject: [News] Recording Industry (MAFIAA) Loses to Music Industry (Actual Artists)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 22:38:20 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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How Can The Music Industry Be Dead When More Music Is Being Produced And More Money Is Being Made?

,----[ Quote ]
| Kyle sent over yet another musician, named 
| Nathan Harden, pulling out the "woe is me" 
| schtick in an article claiming that this 
| generation "killed rock 'n' roll." It hits 
| on all the usual debunked points and only 
| quotes industry sources on the major label 
| side of the business, assumes that the only 
| way to make money in the music business is 
| by selling albums or songs, and doesn't 
| even realize what a huge contradiction it 
| makes in the process. It starts out by 
| quoting record sales stats, but ignoring 
| all of the recent studies that show that 
| money hasn't gone away, it's just shifted 
| to other channels -- and those channels are 
| ones where the actual artists get more 
| money. It's true that the major record 
| labels are making less -- no one denies 
| that. But it's folly to claim that this 
| means the death of rock 'n' roll or music 
| at all. Another recent study showed more 
| music being released today than ever before 
| in history.
| [...]
| Sorry, Nathan Harden, but you've been sold 
| the myth that only record labels make the 
| music industry and that only through 
| selling records does the music industry 
| work. That's simply not true. Yes, the 
| record labels are having trouble, but rock 
| 'n' roll isn't dying. It's thriving by 
| adapting to this new market.


/Music/ industry is not the /recording/ industry (cartel/MAFIAA).

Photographer Thrilled That Apple Using His Photo As Default iPad Background, Despite No Official Agreement

,----[ Quote ]
| Given all that, I found this story about 
| the photographer, Richard Misrach, whose 
| photograph was chosen by Apple to be the 
| default wallpaper for the iPad, quite 
| interesting. That's because, while he's 
| been talking to Apple for a while, the 
| company only came to him days before the 
| launch to ask to use the image, and no 
| agreement had been worked out by the time 
| the product launched with the photo there.


The New Middleclass Musicians: I Fight Dragons

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem is that on a typical record 
| label deal, things don't really work that 
| way for most musicians, either. It may work 
| for the top of the top -- the ones that 
| catch on quickly and become big. But for 
| the majority of bands that sign with a 
| major record label, they fail to really get 
| big enough to matter, and the labels very 
| quickly drop all support and the band 
| becomes yet another unrecouped wonder.


Facebook Sends Lots Of Traffic To News Sites... Will They Start Demanding To Be Paid?

,----[ Quote ]
| Given their reactions to Google, it does 
| seem like a reasonable question. Or will 
| that only happen when Facebook is making 
| much more money from its other lines of 
| business, and those news execs get jealous?


Book Publishers. Stop Scaring Me.

,----[ Quote ]
| Hello book publishers. You're starting to 
| scare me.
| I am a writer, but was a record label 
| executive from 1989-2000 and am fascinated 
| by parallels between the two industries. 
| When it comes to the digitization of 
| product and attempts to master/mangle the 
| phenomenon of social media and file-
| sharing, the publishing business is where 
| the music business was about 10 years ago. 
| And although publishing probably sets its 
| collective IQ (not to mention good manners) 
| as superior to the music business, I can't 
| find evidence that their reactions to 
| industry sea change are substantially 
| different.


Book Publishers Beware! At iTunes, Expensive Music Equals Slower Sales.

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of complaints, last year the 
| music labels finally got what they wanted 
| from Appleâthe ability to raise prices on 
| their songs. Last April, iTunes introduced 
| a âvariable pricingâ scheme, which gave the 
| labels the ability to move prices from 99 
| cents a song to $1.29 (and for some tracks, 
| down to 69 cents).
| The result? Music sales are slowing.



Sookman Deflates Pending Lists Claim to Vilify Artists

,----[ Quote ]
| Oh dear. I hadnât seen this post of Barryâs
| before he retweeted it. Um, how do I put
| this politely? Barry, you messed up.
|     Prof. Geist tries to taint the
|     recording industry as blatant copyright
|     infringers, without ever delving into
|     the industry wide accepted custom for
|     clearing mechanical rights. The pending
|     list system, which has been around for
|     decades, represents an agreed upon
|     industry wide consensus that
|     songwriters, music publishers (who
|     represent songwriters) and the
|     recording industry use and rely on to
|     ensure that music gets released and to
|     the market efficiently and the proper
|     copyright owners get compensated.
| But Barry, the recording industry are
| blatant copyright infringers. Or at least
| they sure give that impression. Letâs see:
| Cher sues UMG over royalties
| JoJo Sues Record Label
| Courtney Love Sues Record Label
| Allman Brothers Band sues record company
| for $13M
| Eminem Sues Record Label Over iTunes
| Royalties
| Beatles to sue record label
| Eurovision star sues record label over
| contract dispute
| Smashing Pumpkins sue record label over use | of songs in Pepsi promotional deals
| Travis Tritt sues record label


British cinemas see best performance in seven years

,----[ Quote ]
| Admissions hit 173.5m and combined box
| office takings in the UK and Ireland exceed
| Â1bn for first time


Offline Book "Lending" Costs U.S. Publishers Nearly $1 Trillion

,----[ Quote ]
| Hot on the heels of the story in
| Publisher's Weekly that "publishers could
| be losing out on as much $3 billion to
| online book piracy" comes a sudden
| realization of a much larger threat to the
| viability of the book industry. Apparently,
| over 2 billion books were "loaned" last
| year by a cabal of organizations found in
| nearly every American city and town. Using
| the same advanced projective mathematics
| used in the study cited by Publishers
| Weekly, Go To Hellman has computed that
| publishers could be losing sales
| opportunities totaling over $100 Billion
| per year, losses which extend back to at
| least the year 2000. These lost sales dwarf
| the online piracy reported yesterday, and
| indeed, even the global book publishing
| business itself.


CBS permanently seals Jack Benny television masters

,----[ Quote ]
| Today I was informed by Peter Murray,
| Lorra-Lea's assistant, that she had talked
| with CBS' Vice President of Business
| Affairs, and "there are so many issues with
| those shows, that even if we took the time
| to figure it out, we still almost certainly
| wouldn't do the deal."  So that's it.
| Access to the Jack Benny television masters
| is sealed.
| In 1964, James Aubrey told Jack Benny that
| his weekly television series was terminated
| with the words, "YOU'RE THROUGH, OLD MAN!"
| Sadly, 46 years later, CBS has repeated the
| sentiment by condemning these shows to
| permanent silence.


ACTA Negotiations, Round 7 Agenda Posted

,----[ Quote ]
| The next (seventh) round of ACTA
| negotiations is scheduled for Guadalajara,
| Mexico next week.


Time To Recognize That The Recording Industry Is Not The Music Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| For a while now, we've tried very carefully
| to not make the mistake that is common in
| the press (and among politicians) to assume
| that "the recording industry" (i.e., the
| record labels) is "the music industry." The
| two are quite different. In fact, by almost
| every measure, the music industry has been
| thriving over the past few years, while the
| recording industry is in rapid decline. And
| yet, the two are regularly confused.


What are the âMusic Industriesâ?

,----[ Quote ]
| The term âmusic industryâ is a misnomer. In
| reality the âmusic industryâ is not one
| industry, it is several independent
| industries. This is an important
| distinction because if we say that there is
| a âcrisis in the music industryâ it
| suggests an equal amount of misfortune for
| everyone (musicians, the recording
| industry, the live-music industry, Internet
| radio, etc.) and in fact this not true.
| Misuse of the term âmusic industryâ
| distorts the reality of the situation. For
| example:
|     * The RIAA occasionally misrepresents
|     itself as being a figurehead for the
|     entire âmusic industryâ when in
|     actuality it is a trade organization
|     for a group of labels in the recording
|     industry.
|     * Peter Jamieson, chair of the British
|     Phonographic Industry (BPI), attempted
|     to speak about the âThe Music Industry
|     Crisisâ at an industry convention in
|     the UK in September 2003, but instead
|     outlined issues particular to the
|     recording sector.
| [...]
| While it may be difficult to completely
| eradicate the term âmusic industryâ from
| our everyday vernacular, journalists and
| media outlets should certainly be more
| conscious not to say âthe music industryâ
| when they specifically mean to say âthe
| recording industryâ.


Secret copyright treaty debated in DC: must-see video

,----[ Quote ]
| Two recurring points that Metalitz raised
| were that the secrecy in the treaty was a
| requirement of foreign negotiating
| partners, and the US's hands were tied; and
| that the treaty wouldn't require any of the
| "advanced" nations to change their law (he
| repeated the oft-heard unfounded slur that
| Canada is a rogue nation when it comes to
| copyright law).
| Both of these points are simply wrong. The
| country demanding that ACTA be kept secret
| is the good old US of A, whose strategy for
| this is being driven by former
| entertainment industry lawyers who have
| found new homes as senior officials in the
| Obama government (the Democrats are
| terrible on copyright, sadly -- we can
| thank Bill Clinton for the Digital
| Millennium Copyright Act). These lawyers
| are Metalitz's old pals, his colleagues in
| the decades he's spent winning special
| privileges and public subsidy for his rich
| clients.


RIAA: Net neutrality shouldn't inhibit antipiracy

,----[ Quote ]
| The lobbying group for the top four
| recording companies wants to make sure that
| when regulations on Net neutrality are
| adopted, they don't impede antipiracy
| efforts.
| That's why the Recording Industry
| Association of America on Thursday asked
| the Federal Communications Commission to
| "adopt flexible rules" that free Internet
| service providers to fight copyright theft.


Oh, a new ACTA document

,----[ Quote ]
| How do you request it? Very simple, fill out
| the form and enter the document number
| 17779/09 as the document you request. Then
| the Council secretariat has 15 days to
| respond, either it would grant you access
| and submit the reasons for refusal.
| Here is stops for most persons. You have
| against 15 days for a confirmatory
| application. When the confirmatory
| application is denied you can complain to
| the EU-Ombudsman or sue the Commission.


Google DC Talk on ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Why does DG Trade want criminal sanctions
| from third nations when these instruments
| are not adopted in the âacquis
| communautaireâ yet? Unfortunately we cannot
| find out in their negotiation mandate from
| the Council because it is not disclosed.


Personal Luggage Will be Subject to ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the fairy tales being told about the
| oppressive ACTA is that it's only going to
| apply to large-scale criminal offenders, and
| that the Little People like you and me don't
| need to worry our pretty heads. But that's a
| lie, as this fascinating blog post has
| discovered:
|     It was very interesting to talk to Mr.
|     Velasco. He said the negotiations could
|     be understood, in a very very simplified
|     way, as you basically could get cheap
|     cars in exchange for IPR enforecement
|     laws.
|     Interestingly enough, his materials
|     published on the interenet also provided
|     some kind of explanation to why people
|     are afraid of having their iPods
|     searched. Under "What is new" in a
|     presentation about Enforcement of IPR
|     Mr. Velasco says:
|     [it] "No longer excludes from the scope
|     of the regulation counterfeit or pirated
|     goods in a traveler's personal baggage
|     where such goods are suspected to be
|     part of a larger-scale traffic."


Union des Consommateurs ACTA protest

,----[ Quote ]
| Quebec consumer protection group the Union
| des Consommateurs has joined the mounting
| storm of outrage levelled at the
| entertaiment industryâs ACTA plan.


Explaining The Copyright Bubble... And Why Big Corporations Want To Keep ACTA Secret

,----[ Quote ]
| But, still, they will try, and the way they
| try to do it is in backrooms and convincing
| governments that they must be right, and
| increased protectionism really is better for
| everyone -- even though it's really only
| better for a select group of middlemen.

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