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Re: [News] EMI/MAFIAA Uses AstroTurf Techniques

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Monday 15 Feb 2010 17:43 : \____

> Peter KÃhlmann wrote:
>> M0she_(flatfish) wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> EMI Tries Fake Word Of Mouth Campaign To Promote Ok Go
>>> As opposed to a lonely student who sits in his apartment and SPAMS
>>> crap floods of inaccurate articles 24x7..
>> Very much oppsosed to a liar and racist like flatfish Gary Stewart?
>> Who posts hundreds of inaccurate posts, who constantly tries to smear
>> other people with posts claiming they are gay or have their penis
>> removed? Who constantly plants "evidence" against linux users, only
>> to "find" them then and posting it in COLA?
>> You are filth, flatfish Gary Stewart. You aren't worth to be pissed
>> on if you were on fire
>>> You're the one doing it wrong Roy Schestowitz. You are indeed a
>>> parasite.
>> The parasite would be you, Gary Stewart
> All of this is done to prevent productive posting in COLA.  It is down
> to discourage posters.  Message is, "If you post in COLA and it reflects
> favourably on Linux or negatively on Microsoft, we will slime your name."
> It is a reflection of criminal activity, no doubt.

This sums it up correctly. The trolls/shills still try to paint/portray all 
advocates here as "liars", in need of medication, having a gender complex, 
molesting children, having affairs with each other, etc.

Given that the United States government and the military use the same techniques 
(in China they are called "50 centers"), I doubt the FTC will be able to do much 
to correct it. Microsoft wants to be seen as professional whereas other forums 
become a jungle.

"Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental 
deficiency, as in, "he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and OS/2." 
Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever. Make the 
complete failure of the competition's technology part of the mythology of the 
computer industry. We want to place selection pressure on those companies and 
individuals that show a genetic weakness for competitors' technologies, to make 
the industry increasingly resistant to such unhealthy strains, over time."

- --James Plamondon, Microsoft Technical Evangelist. From Exhibit 3096; Comes v. 
Microsoft litigation

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
- -- Donald Knuth
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