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Re: Replace IE6 with anything but IE 8

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____/ nessuno on Tuesday 16 Feb 2010 16:10 : \____

> <Quote>
>  I can't stand IE (Internet Explorer) 6. I'm in good company. Most
> people hate it. Even Microsoft can't find a kind word to say for the
> 8+ year old Web browser. While I've liked IE8 at first as a possible
> replacement, as I've continued to use it, I've found it's more trouble
> than it's worth....
> So why not IE8? Here's why.
> Number one on my list is that ... while IE8 isn't as insecure as IE6,
> all of the IE family come with security defective genes. No sooner
> than one bug is fixed, such as the one that China appears to have
> exploited than another pops up, such as the recent one that allows an
> attacker to read every file of your PC's file system.
> That's bad old news, but I found another, new fun and annoying reason
> why I can no longer recommend IE8: its search engine lock-in.
> I recently installed a fresh copy of 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Along
> the way I was setting up IE8. IE8 comes with Bing, Microsoft's own
> 'search' engine as its default. Now, I think Bing sucks dead
> basketball shoes through rusty tailpipes but, OK, it's Microsoft's Web
> browser, so, of course they're going to use their own search engine.
> When I went about trying to change it though, I found that IE8 was
> doing its darnedest to keep me from changing it to another useful
> engine. Instead of offering me a simple choice of search engines, as
> Firefox does, it moved me to an Add-on Gallery: Search Providers page.
> There, the first time I ran it, my choices included Wikipedia, the New
> York Times, and Hulu. Notice what's missing? Google, Yahoo!, or even
> AltaVista.
> </Quote>
> http://www.itworld.com/internet/96676/replace-ie6-anything-ie-8
> Make it hard to switch to Google?  Aw, they wouldn't do that!

It is worth pointing out that the French, German, Australian and NZ 
authorities have all urged citizens to abandon MSIE.

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