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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Calls for Artists

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Call for Artist: Lucid Lynx

,----[ Quote ]
| Would you like to see your Lucid Lynx 
| illustration in the pages of Ubuntu User 
| magazine? To have your art considered for 
| Ubuntu User issue #5, submit two sample 
| drawings of a "Lucid Lynx" by March 22, 
| 2010, 5pm CST (GMT -6).
| In one illustration, the Lucid Lynx critter 
| should illustrate the theme "Networking," 
| and in the other it should illustrate 
| "Security."


Ubuntu One Music Store is Coming to Rock Your World

,----[ Quote ]
| The news has been confirmed. Ubuntu One 
| Music Store is how it is going to be 
| called. And it will be there by default in 
| Rythmbox Music Player in Ubuntu Lucid 
| 10.04. And that is NOT welcome because most 
| of us don't use Rythmbox at all. But hold 
| on, Ubuntu One Music Store is going to have 
| a plug-in support as well. That is sweet!


An open letter to Dell regarding Ubuntu, or âgo big or go homeâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Well letâs see here. You bury it on your 
| site. You offer nothing but garbage for 
| computers available with Ubuntu â as 
| compared to ones available with Windows.
| I guess I canât say Iâm surprised if your 
| Ubuntu sales are slow. In fact, Iâd be 
| surprised if you sell anything at all, the 
| way youâre going about it.



Karmic Art, What the Paintbrush is Saying

,----[ Quote ]
| Today Iâm going to post the artworks,
| backgrounds and other pictures that have
| been posted in the last few weeks. Works
| that either reference ubuntu karmic or at
| least linux or gnu.

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