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[News] Internet in the UK Under Fire by Several Parties

  • Subject: [News] Internet in the UK Under Fire by Several Parties
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2010 00:14:27 +0000
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Digital Economy Bill Could Be Pushed Through Before Election

,----[ Quote ]
| The controversial Digital Economy Bill 
| could be pushed through parliament as part 
| of the "wash up" ahead of the election in 
| April, according to industry insiders


Lib Dems make the Digital Economy Bill even worse

,----[ Quote ]
| The government's Digital Economy Bill has 
| just got even worse:
| Imagine that, in the Summer of last year, 
| you had been following the MP's expenses 
| scandal and heard that The Telegraph was 
| publishing a rather less redacted version 
| that MP's were prepared to give us. 
| Interested, you navigated your way to 
| www.telegraph.co.uk only to find it was 
| not responding. After some searching 
| around and asking friends you discover 
| that the website has been blocked by most 
| major UK ISP's. It seems a junior official 
| in Parliament had asked them to block The 
| Telegraph for copyright violation.
| Just this could happen as a result of 
| amendment 120A to the Digital Economy Bill 
| that was passed yesterday in the House of 
| Lords.
| Amendment 120A was proposed by Lord Tim 
| Clement-Jones, a Liberal Democrat life 
| peer. The amendment could provide a lot of 
| lucrative work for intellectual property 
| law firms whose clients want to crack down 
| on free speech; law firms such as DLA 
| Piper, who -- entirely coincidently -- 
| Lord Clement-Jones works for.


My Lords, you can't please the entertainment industry and sustain privacy

,----[ Quote ]
| Liberal Democrat peers have added an 
| amendment to the Digital Economy bill 
| which outlaws 'web lockers'. Have they 
| never tried to send a large, personal, 
| private file?


Thousands Sign Petition Protesting Net Neutrality Loopholes for Copyright Enforcement

,----[ Quote ]
| San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier 
| Foundation (EFF) submitted a petition 
| signed by more than 7000 people to the 
| Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 
| today demanding that the agency close a 
| loophole for copyright enforcement in its 
| proposed regulations for network 
| neutrality.


So what is a digital agenda?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Minister Clement is serious about 
| modernizing the digital landscape in 
| Canada? I donât know. If he is however, he 
| needs to look at some of the basics:
| 1) Is universal internet access important?
| 2) If universal access is important, how 
| do you implement it?
| 3) If universal access is important, how 
| do you handle the costs?
| 4) Is our current system delivering the 
| level of internet access that we need?
| To a certain extent Internet Access is 
| equivalent to Road Access in how it 
| affects the citizens of Canada. 



DMCA Amendment Proposed For UK

,----[ Quote ]
| "During today's debate in the UK's House
| of Lords on the much-criticized Digital
| Economy Bill, the unpopular Clause 17
| (which would have allowed the government
| to alter copyright law much more easily
| than it currently can) was voted out in
| favor of a DMCA-style take-down system for
| websites and ISPs. The new amendment known
| as 120A sets up a system whereby a
| copyright owner could force an ISP to
| block certain websites who allegedly host
| or link to infringing material or face
| being taken before the High Court and made
| to pay the copyright owner's legal fees.
| This amendment was tabled by the Liberal
| Democrat party, which had so far been seen
| as the defenders of the internet and with
| the Conservative party supporting them.
| The UK's Pirate Party and Open Rights
| Group have both strongly criticized this
| new amendment."

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