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[News] Many New Distribution Reviews, Experiences

  • Subject: [News] Many New Distribution Reviews, Experiences
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 22:59:19 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Element 1.1 Screenshots

,----[ Quote ]
| Element 1.1 is a distribution designed 
| specifically for home theater or media 
| center computers. This is obvious when you 
| boot up Element 1.1 which brings users 
| Firefox, Transmission, XBMC, Decibel Audio 
| Player, VLC, and many other useful 
| multimedia apps together on this customized 
| version of the XFCE desktop.


What Is Unity Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| Unity Linux is not a conventional 
| distribution of Linux.  Itâs a core on 
| which developers can build their own 
| distribution of Linux.  Weâve set out from 
| the start to provide an excellent minimum 
| graphical environment that gave developers 
| âjust enough graphicsâ for them to create 
| something.  The smaller, the better.  We 
| elected to go with Openbox because of itâs 
| size and stability.  We selected using 
| Mandriva as our base because of the number 
| of packages they provide and the quality of 
| those packages.  We pushed lxpanel as a 
| minimal panel because it provides just 
| enough functionality for distro developers 
| to see what theyâve installed after theyâve 
| installed itâit also is familiar to most 
| people whereas Openbox right click menuâs 
| may not be.  All in all, our target for the 
| core release is developers.  Weâre not 
| designing this basic desktop to be used by 
| end users.  Weâre not trying to win any 
| awards with our awesome minimalistic 
| desktop skills.  Why would we do this?  To 
| answer this, you have to take a look at our 
| developers.


Clonezilla Live adds UFS support

,----[ Quote ]
| Developer Steven Shiau has announced the 
| release of version 1.2.4-28 of Clonezilla 
| Live. Clonezilla is an open source clone 
| system with features similar to Symantec 
| Ghost Corporate Ed and Partimage.


An introduction to Igelle 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| I think that is the audience Igelle is 
| targeting: not the type of people who run 
| Debian, Gentoo and Fedora, but the sort of 
| people who enjoy technology like OS X, 
| iPods and iPads. People who want to find a 
| balance between the simplicity of a 
| dedicated appliance and the power provided 
| by Linux. In short, it looks like Igelle 
| has the potential to make the 
| netbook/tablet/mobile device market a very 
| interesting place in the coming year.


System rescue and virus scanning with Dr.Web LiveCD

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course we already have ClamAV and in 
| terms of the scanner interface and 
| incremental updates both appear quite 
| similar; however, I am not aware of a 
| ClamAV live CD. On top of this, security-
| conscious people do not like to put all 
| their eggs in one basket and it is 
| recommended in some settings, even at home, 
| to periodically scan and re-check with 
| different products. I have had anti-virus 
| software in the past detect Trojans that 
| another (free) one did not detect. This was 
| on a different operating system, but you 
| don't have to use this rescue CD 
| exclusively on your UNIX/Linux systems.


Elive 2.0 - Distro Review

,----[ Quote ]
| This is Elive's slogan. As I am sure you 
| can guess, it is a Debian based 
| distribution that uses the Enlightenment 
| window manager. I always like to jump in 
| with both feet when it comes to playing 
| with technology, so to get the best feel 
| for what Elive is and how it works I 
| downloaded the LiveCD and installed it as 
| the primary operating system on my Sager 
| Laptop.


KDE 4.4.1 available for Mandriva 2010 !!

,----[ Quote ]
| The first bugfix release of KDE 4.4 was 
| released at the beginning of this month and 
| again thanks to neoclust we have packages 
| for Mandriva 2010 available since last 
| week. You can follow the instructions of my 
| previous post about the upgrade to KDE 
| 4.4.0 to upgrade to 4.4.1. If you are 
| upgrading from KDE 4.4.0 then don't forget 
| to disable or delete the old KDE 4.4.0 
| repository before starting this upgrade, 
| just in case.


[notice] ArchBang website is now online!

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow! Can you believe it? ArchBang website? 
| Really? Thanks to Will and Mike it was 
| possible so fast! A Big thanks to loki for 
| the artwork!


Simply GNU/Linux 5.0 : An unsung son of ALT Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| ALT Linux ( ALT implies ALT Linux Team ) is 
| one of those undiscovered and non-famous 
| Linux distribution from Russia which lacks 
| the "Pomp, glamour and glory" like other 
| mainstream distributions partly because the 
| development team of ALT Linux love to work 
| in shadows and do not consider it important 
| to publically project and advertise their 
| work and also because people outside Russia 
| are not either aware of or interested in 
| what this distribution is about.  But this 
| does not undermine the work this team is 
| doing , they are quitely and persistently 
| working on a project which stands proudly 
| on its work. This is a Russian spirit of 
| all times !

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