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[News] Hacker to Avenge Sony's Closed-source Mentality

  • Subject: [News] Hacker to Avenge Sony's Closed-source Mentality
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 10:01:26 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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PS3 Hacker Geohot on Lost Linux Support: Iâm Sorry

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony has only pinned the change on 
| âsecurity concerns,â but hacker George 
| âGeohotâ Hotz, who released the first-ever 
| PS3 hack earlier this year (preceded by 
| several high-profile iPhone jailbreaks), 
| which could ultimately allow piracy or 
| other nefarious uses of the consoles, 
| believes he played a role:
|     First off, I want to apologize to all 
|     the people who use Linux on their PS3. 
|     Before releasing, I weighed the pros 
|     and cons, and considered the 
|     possibility of an impact on OtherOS 
|     support. My logic was this. OtherOS 
|     support had already been removed from 
|     the Slim â The builders had apparently 
|     no intention of including it in future 
|     products. So for the purposes of 
|     openness why not release?


iPhone Hacker: I'll Hack to Keep Linux on PS3

,----[ Quote ]
| iPhone hacker George Hotz promises PS3 
| users a work-around for Sony's decision to 
| nix OtherOS support.


Geohot Looks To Enable Other OS Support For The PS3 3.21 Firmware

,----[ Quote ]
| It looks like Geohot (a famous hacker) 
| isnât too happy that Sony will be removing 
| Linux support from its upcoming PS3 3.21 
| firmware, and the person who demoed an 
| untethered iPhone jailbreak a short while 
| ago, is determined to do something about 
| it.


Hacker vows to avenge Sony's PS3 Linux cut-off

,----[ Quote ]
| Hacker Geohot claims he has a plan to 
| permit PlayStation 3 (PS3) users to 
| continue running Linux on the gaming 
| system, despite Sony's announcement that it 
| will block alternate operating system 
| installs. On Sunday, Sony announced that a 
| 3.21 update due on April 1 will prohibit 
| the installation of alternate 
| installations, due to security concerns.



The Return of Sony

,----[ Quote ]
| At its heart, Android is "just" Linux. Sony's
| no stranger to Linuxâthe PlayStation 2 and 3
| both have dabbled with Linux support. But
| Android is Linux-as-platform, a trusted and
| understood consumer branding. (Or, you know,
| that's the goal.) It is, as far as operating
| systems go, as good or better than anything
| Sony has ever cooked up themselves. Rather
| than spending years on disparate software
| platforms for each device, Sony's software
| engineers could spend their time building
| easy-to-use and beautiful user experiences on
| top of a unified platform. (Remind me again
| why the Sony Dash doesn't use Android?)


Sony Ericsson's first Android smartphone to launch in April

,----[ Quote ]
| The phone is Sony Ericsson's first to be
| based on Google's Android operating system
| and is part of an effort to carve out a
| name for itself with phones that include
| social networking as well as entertainment
| functions such as music and movies.

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