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[News] Research on Linux Evolution

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Yale Scientists Explain Why Computers Crash But We Donât

,----[ Quote ]
| The hierarchical organization of the 
| transcriptional regulatory network of 
| bacterium E. Coli, left, shows a pyramidal 
| structure compared to the Linux call graph, 
| which has many more routines controlling few 
| generic functions at the bottom.


Why E.Coli Bacteria Is Better Than Your Computer

,----[ Quote ]
| I suppose the prevailing question is this: 
| Why the hell would anyone compare Linux to a 
| rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found 
| in the lower intestine of warm-blooded 
| organisms? According to study author and 
| Albert L. Williams Professor of Biomedical 
| Informatics Mark Gerstein, there was little 
| or no alcohol involved in coming up with the 
| idea.


Regulation and evolution in bacteria and Linux


Linux vs. Genome in Network Challenge


Linux vs. E. Coli


The GNU/Linux Code of Life

,----[ Quote ]
| One reason I chose this area was the amazing 
| congruence between the battle between free and 
| closed-source software and the fight to place 
| genomic data in the public domain, for all to 
| use, rather than having it locked up in 
| proprietary databases and enclosed by gene 
| patents. As I like to say, Digital Code of Life 
| is really the same story as Rebel Code, with 
| just a few words changed.



Linux Versus E. coli

,----[ Quote ]
| Both Linux and E. coli are organized into
| hierarchies. But their hierarchies have
| different shapes. E. coliâs genome is
| dominated by workhorses. Middle-managers
| and master regulators make up less than 5%
| of the total number of genes. In Linux, by
| contrast, over 80% of the functions are in
| the upper echelons. Each workhorse in Linux
| is controlled to many middle managers. In
| E. coli, on the other hand, each workhorse
| gene is typically controlled either by a
| few genes or just one. And so in E. coli
| itâs the higher levels where genes have the
| most links, not the workhorses.

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