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[News] [Rival] Apple Continues to Anger Its Fans

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Apple Continues to Anger Its Fans
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 06:20:39 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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What's the bug up Apple's @$$?

,----[ Quote ]
| In late February, Apple purged 6,000 apps 
| it deemed "too sexy." Late last month, 
| Jobs posted a scathing 1,700-word essay on 
| Apple's Web site about why he hates Adobe 
| Flash. 


Ipad users are annoyed at lack of Flash support


Anthony Doesburg: Apple's antics starting to leave a sour taste

,----[ Quote ]
| Was it a colossal overreaction by Apple 
| when a prototype of its next iPhone fell 
| into the hands of gadget-obsessed US 
| website Gizmodo?
| Combine that with Apple boss Steve Jobs' 
| uncompromising "Thoughts on [Adobe] Flash" 
| statement a fortnight ago, and the 
| question arises: is the darling of the 
| high-tech world in danger of displacing 
| Microsoft as the company people love to 
| hate?
| Yes and no; and yes and no again. 
| Naturally enough, it depends on your point 
| of view, but some points of view matter 
| more than others.


Why Can't Apple Just Drop the 'Leaked' iPhone 4G Inquiry?

,----[ Quote ]
| Given that over 80 per cent of respondents 
| in the report claim to use their Ipads for 
| web browsing and almost 50 per cent for 
| viewing video, areas in which Flash is 
| particularly pervasive, it's not 
| surprising that users find lack of support 
| for the format annoying.


Gizmodo-iPhone Saga: Court Docs Reveal Fascinating Details


iPhone Leak: 'Huge' Hurt for Apple


Latest leaked iPhone reveals iPad processor

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest leaked next-generation iPhone, 
| which includes the same processor that 
| powers the iPad, is probably a production 
| or near-production unit, a hardware expert 
| said today. 


Steve Jobs Spars With Valleywag Editor By E-Mail

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Jobs has gone rogue. Taking the bait 
| on a late-night e-mail from Valleywag 
| Editor Ryan Tate, Jobs defended Apple's 
| App Store for offering "freedom from 
| porn," among other things.


Steve Jobs Offers World 'Freedom From Porn'


Is Nothing Sacred? Porn Comes to the iPad


Xbox joysticking unlikely for game set inside vagina


Arriva il Vagina Game (sul serio!) per PC e Xbox 360


Vagina Game: teen-ager 'sporche' dall'Inghilterra



80% of devs chafe at Apple's App Store cash split

,----[ Quote ]
| Eighty per cent of North American developers
| believe that the iPhone App Store's revenue
| split is unfair, according to a new study
| from research outfit Evans Data.


Another suicide at Apple's Chinese supplier

,----[ Quote ]
| The Associated Press reports that the 24
| year-old woman's death brings the total of
| suicidal Foxconn workers to eight for the
| year. Bloomberg puts the total at six. The
| Taipei Times notes that two other Foxconn
| employees tried to take their own lives this
| year, but failed.


Prosecutors Cite Confidential Informant in iPhone Probe


Judge Orders Gizmodo Search Papers Unsealed

,----[ Quote ]
| A California judge Friday ordered the
| unsealing of the search warrant affidavit
| that led to a police raid on the home of
| Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, who paid $5,000
| for a prototype 4G iPhone.


Apple spurred police in iPhone probe


Jobs pushed Gizmodo for return of iPhone 4G

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple CEO Steve Jobs intervened in the Case
| of the Purloined iPhone, personally contacting
| Gizmodo editor Brian Lam to ask for the
| return of the missing iPhone 4G prototype.
| That tidbit - told by Apple general counsel
| Bruce Sewell to Detective Matthew Broad of
| the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - was
| revealed today by the unsealing of the search
| warrant behind the search of Gizmodo editor
| Jason Chen's home. A copy of the full set of
| search warrant documents can be found here
| (thanks, Wired).


Apple spurred police in lost iPhone probe

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple pressed local police to investigate the
| loss of a next-generation iPhone a day after
| Gizmodo published photographs, telling
| investigators that the prototype was so
| valuable, a price could not be placed on it,
| according to court documents made public
| Friday.


Bear and Monkey smack Apple with patent suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple has been slapped with another patent
| infringement lawsuit - but the suit says more
| about the festering sore that is the US
| patent system than it does about the
| individual patents involved.
| The lawsuit was filed by Austin, Texas
| inventor Eric Gould Bear, President and CEO
| of interface design firm MonkeyMedia. The
| core of his infringement claim is that his
| patents cover a user-interface concept that
| he calls "Seamless Contraction" - essentially
| a set of techniques to narrow the display of
| information to that which is most "salient,"
| to use his term, to the user's needs.


Apple rejects Wi-Fi sync app

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