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[News] [Rival] More Layoffs at Microsoft Claimed, Novell Collapses, and Robotics Chief Tandy Trower Quit Microsoft

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] More Layoffs at Microsoft Claimed, Novell Collapses, and Robotics Chief Tandy Trower Quit Microsoft
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 05:33:01 +0100
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Thoughts on Wrapping Up Microsoft's FY10 

,----[ Quote ]
| Stealth Layoffs: comments here for a while 
| have been saying don't expect anymore large 
| layoffs but do expect ongoing stealth 
| layoffs, the kind that don't trigger the 
| WARN act, let alone publicity. If you see 
| your leadership meeting with HR far more 
| frequently than usual, should you be 
| nervous? Well, first step, ask what's up. 
| If the answer is unsatisfying and doesn't 
| ring true: yep, be nervous, especially as 
| FY10 wraps up and new FY11 reduced budgets 
| kick in.


COPC Inc. Recertifies Microsoft Global Outsourcing to VMO 'Block Certification'


Novell Reports Financial Results for Second Fiscal Quarter 2010


Whatâs new at Novell?

,----[ Quote ]
| But then Novell hasnât traded on 
| fundamentals for the past three months, 
| ever since hedge fund Elliott Associates 
| launched an unsolicited offer for the 
| company. Novell, which is being advised by 
| JP Morgan Securities, stiffed the bid, but 
| did leave the door open to other 
| âalternatives to enhance shareholder 
| value.â Since Elliott floated the offer, 
| shares of Novell have basically changed 
| hands at or above the $5.75-per-share bid.
| As a decidedly mixed bag of businesses, 
| Novell isnât the cleanest match for any 
| other company that might want to take it 
| home. For that reason, most speculation 
| around a possible buyer for Novell has 
| centered on private equity firms. (The 
| buyout shops are undoubtedly licking their 
| chops at the prospect of picking up 
| Novellâs $600m of maintenance and 
| subscription revenue, not to mention the 
| $1bn that sits in the companyâs treasury.) 
| However, we understand from a person 
| familiar with the process that there are a 
| handful of strategic buyers still 
| interested in Novell.


Microsoft to businesses: No standalone concurrent programming toolkit for you

,----[ Quote ]
| Given last yearâs departure of Robotics 
| chief Tandy Trower, Iâm wondering about 
| Microsoftâs future intentions and 
| directions in the robotics spaceâ



Microsoft planning more global job cuts


Microsoft to cut jobs worldwide; minimal impact on India

,----[ Quote ]
| Global software major Microsoft will slash
| hundreds of jobs globally as part of its
| effort to realign business activities.
| The layoffs are expected to be across
| different locations and businesses. Sources
| said the number of possible lay-offs could be
| close to 800.
| When contacted, a Microsoft India
| spokesperson said the impact on the company's
| India headcount would be in single digits.
| The firm currently employs about 5,300 in the
| country.


Who's Still Around at Microsoft Cambridge?


Microsoft slashes jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| Software giant Microsoft has confirmed that jobs will be cut in New Zealand.
| The company would not comment on how many people would be made redundant.


Microsoft to lay off 55 employees in India

,----[ Quote ]
| Software giant Microsoft will lay off about 55 employees in India, which is
| one per cent of its Indian staff, as slowdown hits the sector, affecting
| business and profitability.


Microsoft lays off 1% of India staff


Microsoft will reduce headcount by 1 percent in India


Microsoft India: To Cut Local Staff Numbers By About 1%


Microsoft announces to cut 1 percent of its workforce in India


Here is a report from the Philippines:

Microsoft global layoffs reach RP


Microsoft cuts loose dozens of S'pore staff

,----[ Quote ]
| MICROSOFT'S local employees dodged the first bullet but could not escape the
| next, as the economic downturn continues to crimp technology spending by
| businesses and consumers.


Microsoft's cuts reach Triangle

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft announced earlier this year that the recession would force its
| first mass layoffs, about 5,000 jobs. This week, the Redmond, Wash., company
| notified the N.C. Commerce Department that those cuts will include 55
| positions at an outpost in North Raleigh.


Microsoft cutting 55 jobs in Raleigh; Wells Fargo, American Express also cut
jobs in N.C.

,----[ Quote ]
| Three mass layoffs notices field with the North Carolina Department of
| Commerce last week show the continuing impact the economic recession is
| having on the high-tech and financial services sectors across North Carolina.


Microsoft dishes out the pink slips. What does it mean for the rest of us?


Microsoft to Axe Over 140 UK Jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| 5% of UK staff to go; CEO Steve Ballmer implies further job cuts may be
| necessary



Ex-Microsoft boss sentenced


Former Microsoft Manager Gets 2 Years In Jail

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