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[News] [Rival] "...Gates do a great disservice to the hundreds of thousands of students and teachers..."

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] "...Gates do a great disservice to the hundreds of thousands of students and teachers..."
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 06:11:13 +0100
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Guest Column: Real failure of public schools is inattention

,----[ Quote ]
| In her recent book âThe Death and Life of 
| the Great American School System: How 
| Testing and Choice are Undermining 
| Education,â Diane Ravitch makes the 
| following observation regarding charters:
| âGiven the money and power behind charter 
| schools (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 
| Walton Family Foundation, Eli and Edythe 
| Broad Foundation, Obama 
| Administration/RTT), it seems likely that 
| they are here to stay. If we continue on 
| the present course, with big foundations 
| and the federal government investing 
| heavily in opening more charter schools, 
| the result is predictable. Charter schools 
| in urban centers will enroll the motivated 
| children of the poor, while the regular 
| public schools will become schools of last 
| resort for those who never applied or were 
| rejected. The regular public schools will 
| enroll a disproportionate share of students 
| with learning disabilities and students who 
| are classified as English-language 
| learners; they will enroll the kids from 
| the most troubled home circumstances, the 
| ones with the worst attendance records and 
| the lowest grades and test scores.â
| [...]
| However, not all of our schools face those 
| same challenges. The public school system 
| is not by any means a blanket failure. Both 
| Sen. Williams and Mr. Gates do a great 
| disservice to the hundreds of thousands of 
| students and teachers who are successful 
| and accomplishing great things in our 
| public schools.


Big Pharma gets on board with Gates Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| Although most observers of the Gates 
| Foundation highlight the organizationâs 
| influence over grantees, it is clear that 
| the worldâs largest philanthropy is 
| exerting a strong influence over the 
| pharmaceutical industry.


Be the change

,----[ Quote ]
| Should it be just one big idea, the way 
| Bill and Melinda Gates foundation tackles 
| malaria? (Not even a nano comparison in 
| terms of funding).


Gates Foundation compels collaboration in drug discovery

,----[ Quote ]
| Although the British drug giant known as 
| GSK was heralded by leading health 
| organizations, the driving force behind the 
| disclosure was the Bill & Melinda Gates 
| Foundation.


GSK is working _inside_ the Gates Foundation (Head of Health). And they make bogus 'studies' for
their own patent agenda.

FAIR CEO Blasts Kaiser Foundation & Public Agenda HIV/AIDS Study Results as "Absolute Nonsense"

,----[ Quote ]
| The President and CEO of the FAIR 
| Foundation, Dr. Richard Darling, DDS, is 
| publicly denouncing research studies by the 
| Kaiser Family Foundation and Public Agenda 
| which conclude that Americans want more 
| money spent on HIV/AIDS.
| [...]
| FAIR points out that in addition to the 
| exorbitant federal funding, The Bill & 
| Melinda Gates Foundation has spent 
| approximately $7 billion on global HIV, TB 
| & malaria efforts and billions of 
| additional dollars have been spent on 
| behalf of HIV patients by the collective 
| efforts of pharmaceutical companies, 
| Hollywood AIDS activists and non-profit 
| organizations such as amfAR (American 
| Federation for AIDS Research).

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