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[News] Richard Stallman Reconciles Software Freedom With Amended Copyrights

  • Subject: [News] Richard Stallman Reconciles Software Freedom With Amended Copyrights
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 16:08:38 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Richard Stallman wants users to have software freedom for all published computer software.

,----[ Quote ]
| The opportunity for change exists wherever there 
| is storage that allows alteration. When a 
| deviceâs program is software, the issues of 
| software freedom are raised. The question 
| becomes who has permission to make changes to 
| that software? This is a question of permission 
| not technical know-how, time, interest, or 
| budget to change the software. If the software 
| is free, the user can get a copy of the 
| programâs source code and make their device 
| behave as they wish. They can even help other 
| users by sharing their improved code. If the 
| developer is the only person who may modify the 
| software, the developer subjugates the user. 
| Developers who want to maintain this power over 
| the user will not distribute free software for 
| the device or complete documentation on how the 
| device works.


Works OK for business, too.

Two BI Companies Say: Two's Company

,----[ Quote ]
| So when I met up again yesterday with the Brian 
| Gentile, the head of JasperSoft, I put the same 
| question to him, and received pretty much the 
| same answer: that his company was concentrating 
| on its core elements, rather than spreading 
| itself more widely. The fact that both men 
| independently gave me the same story probably 
| explains why both have managed to do so well: 
| they are pursuing quite different strategies and 
| so avoid head-on confrontation and destructive 
| rivalry.
| As part of his company's approach, Gentile told 
| me JasperSoft was doing a lot of work with its 
| reporting tools â going back to its roots, since 
| JasperReports was the original open source code 
| around which JasperSoft was formed. 
| Interestingly, JasperReports is being used 
| increasingly alongside other software by 
| companies that want more sophisticated output 
| from those applications, including things like 
| allowing users to create personalised output on 
| the fly. 



Meet free software guru Richard Stallman at Pitt

,----[ Quote ]
| Copyrights used to expire after a few years;
| now some corporations want them to last
| forever to protect their revenue streams on
| copyrighted works. Stallman continues to
| influence this conversation with an eye toward
| protecting computer users' freedom and making
| software more conducive to a genuine
| education.
| "The global corporations that profit from
| copyright are lobbying for draconian
| punishments for copyright violations and to
| increase their copyright powers while
| suppressing public access to technology," says
| Stallman. "If we seriously hope to serve the
| only legitimate purpose of copyright-- to
| promote progress for the benefit of the public
| -- then we must make changes in the other
| direction."


See 'Revolution OS' at the Darress Theatre in Boonton

,----[ Quote ]
| The New Jersey Linux User's group will present
| a film titled "Revolution OS" at the Darress
| Theatre in Boonton on Wednesday, March 31.
| This is a documentary detailing the roots of
| the Free Software and Open Source movements
| that resulted in Linux, as well as many other
| free software projects.


Google Music Blog Mess Highlights Why Three Strikes Will Not Work

,----[ Quote ]
| They're based on the false belief that
| copyright infringement is an easy "yes" or
| "no" decision that can be determined upon
| seeing it. But what we're discovering in
| both this situation and in the Viacom
| situation is that even the copyright holders
| are really bad at figuring out if something
| is infringing or not. So why should anyone
| expect third parties to be able to do a
| better job?

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