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[News] Linux is Winning in Tablets, Based on Chinese Testimonial

  • Subject: [News] Linux is Winning in Tablets, Based on Chinese Testimonial
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 00:32:06 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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5 reasons why open source will click in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| In my last article on open source, I put 
| together the reasons why shanzhai 
| manufacturers favor open source platforms, and 
| how they can enable them to initiate more 
| legitimate business. The current technology 
| trend of tablets makes me feel that 2010, the 
| year of tablets is as much the year of open 
| source, and the two combined may provide a 
| breakthrough for shanzhai manufacturers.
| [...]
| 4. Legitimate business: Google Android is 
| shaping up to be the first widely accepted 
| open source operating system that doesnât have 
| a fringe element tag associated with it. Itâs 
| a legitimate business option. Whilst in the 
| past the motivation of a shanzhai manufacturer 
| in offering a Linux option was more about 
| offering an option that didnât include a 
| pirated Microsoft product, now their choice of 
| an open source OS is totally mainstream and 
| acceptable â legitimate.
| [...]
| In view of the fact that most computing 
| services are shifting towards the cloud and 
| with web-oriented handheld devices playing 
| more of a role, light and resource efficient 
| operating systems seem to be the future of the 
| next generation of computing. Open source 
| operating systems (especially Android) are 
| becoming the prime choice of the shanzhai and 
| I believe weâll continue to see more in the 
| future.


Q7 Linux MID nice but missing most important feature

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the Q7, a very nice mobile Internet 
| device available running ubuntu or android. It 
| has 1080p HD video playback and that could 
| make it a top gadget. Sadly it's missing one 
| important feature I really think is a no-go 
| for a device like this.


Coming Innoversal Lattice tablet with Pixel Qi screen

,----[ Quote ]
| The Adam tablet had a unique distinction 
| uptill now, that of being the only known 
| tablet PC to be using the Pixel Qi screen. But 
| as per the latest slate pc news, Adam will 
| soon have company as there are a plethora of 
| tablets that will be wearing the innovative 
| technology that makes a screen just as 
| viewable out in the sun as it is indoors. In 
| fact, quite a few of those tablets were there 
| to be seen at the Pixel Qi booth at Computex 
| and they indeed look promising. But of all 
| those present, special mention has to be made 
| of one that can make a difference and rise 
| above the sea of tablets â the Innoversal 
| Lattice.
| [...]
| Saving the best for the last, Innoversal has 
| said the tablet will make its debut by 
| September and is likely to sport a price tag 
| of around $530 to $550. Also, an interesting 
| aspect of the tablet is there is the option of 
| either Windows, Linux, or even Google Chrome 
| as the default OS of the Lattice.



$88 Android 5-Inch Tablet. Seriously.

,----[ Quote ]
| There is not much information about this unit as
| far as specs go, we know from watching the video
| that it is running Android 1.5, but according to
| the rep it is going to be updated soon.  The
| unit is the same size as the dell streak, so if
| you are looking for an idea of the size of that
| unit, make sure to check the video out.

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