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[News] A Look at the Linux-based PocketBook, Mentor Succeeds With Linux

  • Subject: [News] A Look at the Linux-based PocketBook, Mentor Succeeds With Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 18:27:39 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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PocketBook 301+ Comfort review

,----[ Quote ]
| The PocketBook 301+ is actually a recent 
| update of the original model released in 
| 2007, itself based on a popular eReader 
| design thatâs been sold by various 
| companies. Ukrainian in origin, the 
| original 301 was a variant on the Netronix 
| EB-600 eReader and essentially offered the 
| same basic spec as a very wide range of 
| other eReaders â around seven or eight of 
| them in total. The 301+ improves the 
| specification in several ways, though the 
| quality of the E Ink screen and a sizable 
| increase in internal storage capacity (up 
| to 512MB from 256MB) are two of the key 
| areas here. It features second-generation 
| Vizplex E Ink electronic paper (the same 
| tech as adopted by Sony for its 505 among 
| others), and boasts a resolution of 
| 600Ã800 pixels on its 6-inch screen. It 
| can cater for 16 shades of grey â which, 
| like its size, is essentially the standard 
| for eReaders at the moment.


EDA industry is 'red-hot' right now, says Mentor CEO

,----[ Quote ]
| Embedded Ally is a California-based 
| provider of Linux, middleware and software 
| for mobile and embedded devices.
| âThis has pushed us into the open source 
| community,â said Rhines. 


EDA Spins into the Realm of Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Mentor Graphics is pushing into Linux, 
| actually developing Linux-based software 
| products for Freescale, following up on a 
| similar agreement it announced last summer 
| with Marvell. That comes in addition to 
| the companyâs existing Nucleus RTOS, which 
| is already widely distributed.



EDA Focus Shifts To Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Mentor already is looking well beyond just the
| chip. Its Nucleus RTOS and Linux tools strategy
| are playing a big role in the companyâs move
| into a variety of communications devices. Case
| in point: The deal with Freescale that was
| announced this week to provide specific
| features in the Linux to support the silicon is
| a first for an EDA company.


Mentor Graphics Signs Multi-Year Strategic Deal with Freescale Semiconductor


Mentor Graphics Offers Linux and Nucleus Support for Marvell Sheeva

,----[ Quote ]
| Mentor Graphics announced the availability of a combined open-source Linux
| and Nucleus operating system (OS) solution for the Marvell Sheeva MV78200
| Dual-core Embedded Processor.


Mentor unveils Android, Linux strategy at DAC

,----[ Quote ]
| Mentor Graphics announced its acquisition of Embedded Alley Solutions as a
| key component of its Android and embedded Linux strategy Wednesday afternoon
| at the Design Automation Conference. Mentor also announced the integration of
| its Nucleus Graphical User Interface tool with the ARM  Mali graphics
| processing unit; it announced the availability of a Linux and Nucleus
| operating-system combination for the Marvell Sheeva MV78200 dual-core
| embedded processor; and it said that it is extending Embedded Alley's Android
| mobile-applications platform to support Freescale Semiconductor's QorIQ and
| PowerQUICC III processors.

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