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[News] [Rival] Gates Foundation Hires PR People (Spin, Spin!) and Miscommunicates With Grantees

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Gates Foundation Hires PR People (Spin, Spin!) and Miscommunicates With Grantees
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 22:35:49 +0100
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        "In the fall of 1982, Pam Edstrom [of Waggener Edstrom], a
diminutive woman with piercing blue eyes, was recruited by
Microsoft. [...] In modern-day business, flacks were responsible
 not only for avoiding bad press, but for spinning the good. [...]
 Hanson and Edstrom would spin a whole new image for Gates himself.
They would tap the best and worst of Chairman Bill, changing his
clothes, his voice, and his allegiances, driving him to become not
just the boss, but, essentially, the company mascotâa sort of
high-technology Colonel Sanders."

        --Pam's daughter

Gates Foundation expands global work with Weber Shandwick

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
| expanded its work with Weber Shandwick, 
| awarding the firm its global 
| communications business after a 
| competitive bid.
| The firm began work on the account June 1. 
| Melissa Milburn, deputy director of media 
| relations for the foundation, said by e-
| mail that Weber Shandwick was selected 
| because of the firm's "global reach."


"Overwhelmingly negative":

Survey finds complaints with Gates charity

,----[ Quote ]
| A survey of more than 1,500 organizations 
| receiving grants from the Bill & Melinda 
| Gates Foundation shows numerous 
| frustrations and challenges in working 
| with the worldâs largest philanthropy.
| Last year, the Gates Foundation hired the 
| Center for Effective Philanthropy to 
| survey 1,544 of its grantees. Although 
| respondents indicated strong ratings for 
| the foundationâs positive impact on 
| knowledge, policy and practices, responses 
| were overwhelmingly negative.
| Organizations complained about 
| inconsistent communications, a lack of 
| responsiveness, unclear goals, strategies 
| and decision-making processes.


Gates Foundation gets low marks in relations with non-profits

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gates Foundation received lower than 
| average ratings in many aspects of its 
| relations with grantees, CEO Jeff Raikes 
| disclosed in a letter today.
| The results were disclosed following a 
| survey of more than 1,500 non-profits who 
| received grants from the Gates Foundation 
| over the last year. Raikes said the 
| foundation worked with the Center for 
| Effective Philanthropy to measure the 
| perceptions of its grantees.
| "They say we are inconsistent in our 
| communications, and often unresponsive," 
| he wrote.


Melinda Gates Can't Run From the Abortion Controversy



Gates Foundation public relations working overtime

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is an informercial on smart global
| health. The public relations people at the
| Gates Foundation are working overtime these
| days.


Three agencies vie for Gates Foundation global PR business

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has
| shortlisted three agencies to pitch for its
| extensive global PR activity.
| Weber Shandwick, Waggener Edstrom and Hill &
| Knowlton are all taking part in the final
| round of the review, according to the
| organisationâs deputy director of media
| relations, Melissa Milburn.
| It is further understood that Edelman took
| part in the initial phase of the review.
| Milburn confirmed that the search for a new
| agency of record is underway.


Three Agencies vie for Gates Foundation Global PR Business

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