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[News] MSBBC iPlayer Now Works With Linux-based Android

  • Subject: [News] MSBBC iPlayer Now Works With Linux-based Android
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 22:40:29 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Android 2.2 Froyo Phones Can Access BBC iPlayer

,----[ Quote ]
| With the newest version of Google's Linux 
| based Android operating system supporting 
| Adobe's Flash player, the scene was set for 
| web based video streaming services such as 
| Iplayer to emerge on smartphones.


BBC Iplayer comes to Android phones

,----[ Quote ]
| THE BBC has tweaked its Iplayer video 
| streaming software to work on smartphones 
| running Android 2.2.
| With the latest version of Google's Linux 
| based Android operating system supporting 
| Adobe's Flash player, the scene was set for 
| web based video streaming services such as 
| Iplayer to appear on smartphones. However, 
| as we noted in our review of Android 2.2, 
| our previous experience with Iplayer 
| playback was painful, with audio and visual 
| artefacts galore.



How do you spend Â639 on a taxi? Ask the BBC's technology chief

,----[ Quote ]
| As the BBC's director of future media and
| technology, Eric Huggers is accustomed to
| wrestling with the most tricky questions
| relating to the corporation's role in a
| rapidly changing digital age.
| But even he may find himself struggling to
| answer one conundrum thrown up by his newly
| released expenses claims: how is it possible
| to justify spending Â638.73 on a taxi?


EIM: We refused Microsoft's orgies and paid for it

,----[ Quote ]
| Relations between EIM Computerized
| Technologies Ltd. and Microsoft Corporation
| (Nasdaq: MSFT) have always been sensitive,
| but EIM's statement of defense in a lawsuit
| against the software giant sets a new
| standard.
| EIM, was one of Microsoft's largest
| distributors in Israel until mid-2005, when
| their contract expired. In the statement of
| defense filed with the Tel Aviv District
| Court, EIM claims that its relations with
| Microsoft broke down because EIM's
| employees refused to participate in sex and
| drug orgies on a cruise organized by
| Microsoft in May 2005 for its Israeli and
| Turkish distributors.
| EIM alleges, "For the pleasure cruise,
| Microsoft, or people on its behalf, invited
| women who provided sexual services for
| money. During this cruise, the Microsoft
| representative encouraged the participants
| in the cruise to party with these women,
| including receiving said services. They
| were also offered banned substances."



Dirk-Willem van Gulik appointed BBC Future Media & Technology Chief Technical

,----[ Quote ]
| Erik Huggers, BBC Future Media and Technology Group Controller, has appointed
| Dirk-Willem van Gulik as the division's Chief Technical Architect.
| [...]
| Dirk-Willem is a recognised contributor to the Open Source Community and has
| been a board member of the Apache Software Foundation since its inception.


BBC Director General grilled by MPs on iPlayer

,----[ Quote ]
| During the meeting there is discussion of iPlayerâs total cost to the licence
| fee-payer - the BBC representatives are unable to give a figure, but start
| the bidding at Â20m, excluding staff costs. Thomson gives incorrect
| information - that Mac and Linux versions of iPlayer have the same
| functionality as Windows versions - and has to change his evidence at the
| end. Perhaps it was this confusion that prompted Dr John Pugh MP to follow up
| the encounter with a letter direct to Mark Thomson today discussing platform
| neutrality in greater detail. A copy of this letter has been passed to the
| Open Rights Group.


BBC Corrupted

,----[ Quote ]
| Today the BBC made it official -- they have been corrupted by Microsoft. With
| today's launch of the iPlayer, the BBC Trust has failed in its most basic of
| duties and handed over to Microsoft sole control of the on-line distribution
| of BBC programming. From today, you will need to own a Microsoft operating
| system to view BBC programming on the web. This is akin to saying you must
| own a Sony TV set to watch BBC TV. And you must accept the Digital
| Restrictions Management (DRM) that the iPlayer imposes. You simply cannot be
| allowed to be in control of your computer according to the BBC.


BBC iPlayer Protests

,----[ Quote ]
| Who are the people responsible for creating this mess?
|     * Mark Thompson, BBC director general (DG)
|     * Erik Huggers, group controller at BBC Future Media & Technology
|     * Ashley Highfield, director of new media and technology
| Right now, there is very considerable concern within the BBC that the actions
| of the Director General and his team are sending the corporation in the wrong
| direction. The BBC has been embroiled in a number of recent controversies,
| all linked back to the DG's leadership.

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