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Re: KDE Distros Poll

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____/ Gregory Shearman on Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 02:17 : \____

> On 2011-08-23, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ____/ Homer on Tuesday 23 Aug 2011 13:06 : \____
>>> Verily I say unto thee that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>> No, but there's no particular disadvantage to it either, which is what
>>> this poll seems to be implying.
>>> OTOH, Gentoo has advantages not directly related to KDE, such as speed,
>>> efficiency and flexibility. The problem is few understand these
>>> advantages, because few have actually tried it.
>> I don't like to compile programs that I can get from repos
>> , not just because of speed.
> You don't compile them, *portage* does it all automatically for you.
> You want amarok? Then:
> GentooPenguin# emerge amarok
> Dead simple. Everything (including gentoo patches) is handled
> automatically.
> Now, those applications you get from your repositories... if they have
> database support compiled into them, then they've got *all* database
> support compiled in. On gentoo, with one addition to the USE flags in
> /etc/make.conf you can make sure that *EVERY* application only builds
> database support for YOUR choice of database server... my choice is
> postgresql and I don't like mysql at all therefore:
> GentooPenguin$ grep USE /etc/make.conf
> USE="mmx sse sse2 kde -mysql -gnome -hal ipv6 win32codecs qt4 postgres
> perl unicode dbus udev dvd alsa cdr qt3support X opengl sql svg webkit
> png mng dri kpathsea jpeg cups bash-completion"
> See the *-mysql*? It stops the compilation of any support for mysql in
> *any* application on my system.
> Gentoo is about flexibility. It also doesn't do stuff "behind your
> back". You want support for some feature? You add it yourself.
> Gentoo is one of the easiest Linux distributions I've ever had to
> configure. This is because of the extensive documentation.

I know how emerge works, but what if it doesn't compile correctly?
Are there binary builds too?

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