Schestowitz provides scientific computing solutions that are built upon free (as in freedom) and open source software. It is led by the award-winning Dr. Roy Schestowitz and offers various services to private clients including businesses of all sizes – from academia to large enterprises.


Schestowitz.com was registered in 2004 although the site had been maintained beforehand, albeit elsewhere. Having advocated and planned for software freedom since the very start of that decade, Roy Schestowitz also gained considerable industry experience and earned diplomas using an extensive set of free/open source tools. In later years, having earned his Ph.D., Roy and …

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to put the clients in complete control of their systems. Motivation is derived from the desire to liberate clients from proprietary software which does not respect its users. Our target market, however, is a niche embodying tasks and associated knowledge in the field of scientific computing. The set of services are mostly …

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