Mission Statement

Our goal is to put the clients in complete control of their systems. Motivation is derived from the desire to liberate clients from proprietary software which does not respect its users. Our target market, however, is a niche embodying tasks and associated knowledge in the field of scientific computing. The set of services are mostly related to:

  • Deployment and integration
  • Consultancy and referral
  • System maintenance or training for routine tasks
  • Development of software or tailoring for improved integration
  • Remote support or off-site management

In the past, Dr. Roy Schestowitz also dealt with hosting issues, Web development, and a little bit of design. With considerable experience working on large clusters of computers, gluing scripts, porting code, and also developing complex software from scratch (Roy was ranked 1st in the world for his contributions to MATLAB Central at one point), there should be fast transition from planning to implementation. Roy is still actively working as a researcher with some of the world’s leading professors.