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Re: Call for moderation and mediation: debian-live vs. debian-live-ng

2015-11-11 12:41 GMT+01:00 Jonathan Dowland <jmtd@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> I'm concerned about this approach because it makes it increasingly obvious
> that Debian is not an open, transparent project anymore. I had some vague
> awareness of the difficulties of working with Daniel (not least from trying
> to use his packages) and I read around a bit publically but I've only just
> stumbled across this -private thread and Steve's message in particular has
> helped enormously to enlighten the difficulties that have taken place.

On an ethical level, I fully agree with you. And on the long term it
usually also works better, creating trust and all. We will not hide
problems and all that stuff. I guess it's the eternal problem between
doing the correct thing (TM) vs. doing whatever is best to avoid
problems. Just for the record, I don't feel myself capable of acting a
moderator able to help in this situation, particularly when it seems
that what's essentially asked for is for someone to talk with Daniel
and convince him not to get mad and to not make a fuss out of it, and
to deal with it in a civilized way. Or maybe I'm wrong, but the
impression I already have about the situation, being an outsider and
having made up my opinion mostly from what I've seen, heard or read
throughout the years, is that there is nothing to negotiate or
moderate here, the decision is taken -for the sensible reasons that
have already been explained, I'm not complaining about that or
anything- and the point is essentially trying to convince Daniel et
al. not to get angry about how things are being done. Am I wrong?


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