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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14 :: Respect

On Sun, 21 Sep 2014, Ron <ron@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The discussion of humor in such contexts usually seems to involves jokes
> > about  minority groups.  Are jokes about your minority groups funny?  If
> > so can you give us some examples?
> http://xkcd.com/306/
> http://xkcd.com/424/
> http://xkcd.com/456/
> http://xkcd.com/797/
> Unless we're no longer a minority group ...
> And yes, not everyone might find all of those equally funny.
> I welcome that diversity.

Obviously my previous message wasn't clear enough.

The discussions about "humor" concern members of one group making "jokes" 
about members of a less privileged group.  For example if a woman makes a joke 
about men or a non-white person makes a joke about whites then it's not a 
problem.  But the reverse would be a problem.

The XKCD comics aren't a problem when another DD cites them (we can make jokes 
about the group that we are members of) and aren't inherently problemmatic 
because Randall is a member of the broader geek community.

Now if Barak is going to advocate for an exemption to the CoC for "humor" then 
I think he could start by giving some examples of jokes that he would be happy 
for people to make about his religion/race.

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