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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14 :: Respect

> Are jokes about your minority groups funny?

> If so can you give us some examples?

You seem, for some mysterious reason, to be fishing for funny Jewish
jokes which it would be possible to use in making a technical point.
(Certainly your question does not seem at all relevant to the thread.)
And you've asked for my assistance.

I think I can help you.

Imagine that I'm maintainer of a package with a highly misleading name,
and someone submitted a bug about the name.  We go back and forth on the
issue, on a thread CCed to debian-devel, me defending the name with very
weak arguments and the filer giving many good reasons why it should be
changed.  Finally the filer, frustrated, writes that I remind him of the
Jew in this old joke.

  A tourist, walking through the Jewish quarter of Krakow, finds that
  his watch has stopped.  He sees a very small storefront with a big
  clock hanging outside and hundreds of clocks of all shapes and sizes
  arranged in the window, completely obscuring the interior.  The
  tourist enters the dark and musty shop, takes off his watch, places it
  on the dusty counter, and asks the elderly man dressed in traditional
  Jewish garb sitting behind the counter how much it would cost to fix,
  and how long it will take.  The man says, in a thick Yiddish accent,
  "I am sorry but I cannot help you.  I am a mohel, not a watchmaker."
  The tourist responds, surprised, "If you are a mohel why do you have
  all those clocks in your window?"  The mohel replies, "Well, what
  *should* I put in my window?"



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