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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

On Wed, Sep 03 2014, Michael Stone wrote:

> Watched the video. He was invited to come to engage the debian
> community, and his style is well known. Debian could choose in future
> not to invite him (or anyone who might not speak in a way that
> everyone in the community likes) but I think it would be Debian who
> would be more harmed by operating in an echo chamber.

        The point I disagree here is that speakers are not to be heald
 to the standards and policies imposed on the speakers. Some animals
 ought not to be more equal than others.

> This is not the same thing as enforcing a CoC on the mailing lists,

        I am not sure I agree with this statement.

> and frankly I'm not convinced this would have been a clear violation
> even there.

        Having said that, I re-watched the talk , and I was not
 personally offended. I think, however, if the debconf delegates
 determine that the CoC for speakers was violated, they should take
 appropriate actions regardless of the magnificence of the speaker.

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