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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 12:29:32PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Also, Debian owes the FSF an apology.  That apology should be at least
> as public as the offence.


This is vital; what Linus said was completely not OK.

As to Tollef's point, this happened with Debian's space, and for us to
not say anything would be tacit endorsement from the project.

Better remove all doubt and apologize. It's not like an "unnecessary"
apology hurts anyone.

As to the general point:

This *isn't* to question his "freedom of speech" -- I don't even
question his right to use hateful language. That's his own deal. The
problem is, he used Debian's space and a Debian event to do that.

We have standards, we can do better.

If this was some guy off the street, would we stand for that? No. We're
tolerating this because he's Linus. If it was some DD? Perhaps. We're a
bit too lax on calling people on their bullshit because a lot of us are

Only with Linus can you call someone a deceitful bigiot or claim to have
no respect for humans without them justifying themselves to you and have
the community jump to your defence.

That's not good enough. We can do better.


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