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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

----- "Manoj Srivastava" <srivasta@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  He was inviterd. He was also given the guidelines fro speakers,
>  which by his own admission he did not bother reading. Why waste time
>  with guidelines and code of conduct statements if we happily stand by
>  and say nothing when they are violated?

Why invite speakers that you know are going to violate the guidelines?
You basically handed him a set of guidelines that said "don't act like
Linus Torvalds". It would be like a conference inviting RMS and handing
him guidelines that prohibited him from saying that proprietary software
is immoral.

Debian wanted Torvalds to talk because he is an important person with
great influence. I think it is rare that great changes are made in
society without rubbing some people the wrong way. I don't think
we should be surprised that important voices are sometimes critical
or even unpleasant in their tone.

The only logical conclusion seems to be the creation of an editorial
board for future DebConf conferences. This board will review the history
of talks given by candidates and ensure that they conform to the high
standards that this community has chosen for itself. By this action,
Debian can ensure that a sweet and melodious tone is maintained for
future conferences, free of any divisive words or troubling ideas.

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