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Re: Dumb Question

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote in

> Red Feline Backup does that too and it's free. I found out about it
> yesterday (see the rest of this thread).
> It seems like a very recent project and I tested it with success
> before making a mentioning of it in my blog
> (http://www.schestowitz.com/Weblog/) 

I took a look at both Red Feline and VfsBackup, which is another free 
backup program that does a little more, by deleting or archiving files 
that have been removed from RAM since the last backup.  Neither of these 
has what I consider an essential feature - automatic scheduled backups.  
I don't want to have to do a backup manually, because I don't always 
remember, and it takes time to backup a T3 with many megs of files.  I 
prefer to have it done while I'm sleeping, and BackupMan never forgets, 
unless I do something silly like change the settings.  Whatever get it 
done for you, though.  Another option, although not free, is HandZipper.  
It's only about $4, IIRC.  It takes .zip files on your card and unzips 
and installs them, allowing you to download files directly to your card 
in a card reader, then doing the install from the SD card, which is much 
faster than hotsyncing.  It will also read any text files in the 
archive, such as readme and doc files.  It will zip your entire RAM, or 
selected files, to your SD card, using much less space than a standard 
backup program.  You can copy the zip files to your PC and open them 
with any zip program if you like.  I've tried all these, and I keep 
Handzipper around for installs, but I want my backups done automatically 
at night.  YMMV.



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