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Re: frames? hate them or not?

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 05:09:06 +0000, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:

Barbara de Zoete wrote:

I thought it was supposed to be a good habit to set background colors.
That's all.

It is better to leave the choice to the visitor. Enforcing object properties(where unnecessary) only upsets people,
I do not enforce anything on anyone. If a visitor gets upset by my styles (which I find hard to believe), s/he can just switch off the stylesheet and, there you go, gets a nicely marked up page that is fully functional and readable. CSS is there just for the fun of it. I'm not going to serve a page with just markup (and neither are you, IIRC).

Setting a background color is a good thing if you set other colors too. You have no idea what color is the default of your visitors browser. If you set for example any font color, be sure to set a background color too. For all you know, your font color could be the default background color of your visitor.

e.g. defining font size in pixels which obstructs the visually-impaired.

This is an entirely different subject and one I seem to care for less and less (the pixel part that is, not the visually-impaired). I design the presentation of my pages with no particular browser in mind, but I test the design firstly and mainly in Opera (I love Opera; it's so unforgiving sometimes :-) ), secondly in FireFox. If they both get the idea right, I then check how IE(6) renders my pages. Most of the times, and then I mean really most of the times, somthing like 99,9% of the times, the designs shows up there just fine (that is: functional). That is good enough for me. I don't care that that browser is otherwise antique, faulty, buggy and disfunctional (like not being able to rerender font sizes set in pixels in an other size).

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