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Re: Palm Os versus Pocket PC

"Bryan Anderson" <usenet@bryananderson.co.uk> wrote in message 
> On Monday, Tony Clark wrote:
>> I'd disagree that Bluetooth is a frivolous feature.
> I'd disagree with your disagreement ;-)

It's your right to do so, even if i disagree... :)

>> I use it all the time with my T3.
> I don't miss it at all with my Treo.
>> It's quite handy for synching
> Why would I want to sync via BT when the Treo is in the cradle
> anyway to charge it? My iPAQ had BT and I thought it'd be great
> to sync with a cradle. But the I realised that the thing would
> need to be in the cradle to charge anyway, so why not syc via
> the cable?

The reason is that I don't carry the cradle with me to work. I sync with 
both my home PC and my work laptop. Not having to haul around the cradle is 
convenient to me. I will confess that you can carry a USB cable and use that 
to sync/charge but it's one more wire to deal with. I have too many wires 
running all over my desk anyways. :)

> I suppose iit *might* be useful to sync via BT and then leave
> the cradle on the bedside table to charge overnight....
>> connecting to the net via my PC
> Why? Why would you connect your Palm to the net when you have
> a desktop PC within 10m of the Palm? The tiny screens make web
> browsing pointless apart from in an emergency.

Because the PC is 10m above my head in the upstairs office. I can use the 
Palm to check email from the comfort of my Lazy-Boy lounger in the 
downstairs family room. Granted, it's not exactly something I do all the 
time, but it can be useful on occasion. I agree about the screen size and 
web surfing, not optimal but again occasionally useful.

>> and soon I will use it to connect to a GPS device.
> Granted - one of the two uses I can see for BT.

Wow, look at that, two things we agree on...LOL

> The other would be to print direct to a BT enabled printer. It
> would be so nice if all higher-end printers had BT built in,
> and I could then print notes for a client, in their office, from
> my handheld direct to their own printer.
> Apart from that, I don't miss or feel I need, Bluetooth at all.

I also use BT in conjunction with my BT cellular phone. That is probably the 
best reason to have BT on the Palm. Talk about small screens, try reading 
email on a Sony Ericsson T68i. Ouch! My eyes! LOL The other thing that is 
cool is to select a contact on the Palm and have it dial my cell phone using 
BT. Combined with a BT headset I never have to touch the phone.


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