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Re: How do they do it? Professional looking sites...

  • Subject: Re: How do they do it? Professional looking sites...
  • From: "Augustus" <>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 21:12:18 -0700
  • Newsgroups: alt.html
  • References: <>
  • Xref: alt.html:265482
"Scott Dunaway" <> wrote in message">
> The last 2 use lots of 3D type images and gradient coloring in their
> buttons and such. That's what I'm asking. What programs do you use, or
> others use, to make these images and buttons for such fantastic sites?
> Photoshop? Paintshop? What else?

You can do all that in photoshop... what program the designer specifically
uses is up to their personal preferences and experience.

> Also, do any of you know of any URL's that point to any tutorials
> about this? Please, any information would be highly appreciated.

Google for "photoshop tutorials" (or whichever graphic program you want to

> I recently signed up with a new host and got access to alot of
> templates, for free. I can use the buttons and such from those
> templates to get what I'm wanting for my personal site, but that's not
> what I want to do. I really want to be able to sit down and design my
> site from scratch. Using nothing but my imagination and my computer. I
> want to do polished, 3D buttons and multi-image overlay image maps. To
> me, such sites are not just professional, but works of Art. Thank you
> all for your time. And for those of you that try, thank you for your
> help and consideration.

There is alot to these programs... if you really want to get into it you
might look at investing in a 2-4 week course on one of these programs

A big factor is also if you have the flair and patience for it... doing a
high end "artistic" site isn't going to be something you can sit down and
whip up in an hour or two of work, you can expect to put in days and
possibly a week or two or more into a design (this is where alot of people
break down... when doing HTML or programming you can accomplish alot in 4 or
5 hours worth of solid work... with graphic design 4 or 5 hours worth of
solid work and you probably still only have a very basic outline)

I'm not saying don't give it a try... you never know, you might have a great
undiscovered talent for it.  You just want to watch out that you don't end
up spending alot of time on this where you could best be looking for work or
working on paying jobs.

Personally, graphic design is not my thing and so I either hire graphic
design students at one of the local schools (they make a few bucks and it
helps him/her build their portfolio) or hire a freelancer in Mexico (cheap
and fast)

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