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Re: Bluetooth Headphones for Palm?

On Saturday 20 August 2005 04:32, siyamak@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz skrev:
>> I own a Tungsten T unit and its headphones jack has become so bad as to
>> be no longer usable at the moment. Moreover, the bad contacts in the
>> affected component make it 'think' that headphones have been inserted
>> and, therefore, the speakers do not receive a signal either.
>> Changing the headphones jack component would be expensive. I already have
>> a couple of SD cards on which I store media, so it would be a shame
>> giving up on sound altogether. Would it be possible to divert sound to
>> Bluetooth and pick up the signal using headphones? Is there any other way
>> I can continue listening to sounds/music without buying a new unit?
>> It's a bit of a long shot, but there you go...
>> Many thanks for any suggestions,
>> Roy
> the headphone jacks seem to be easely damaged, i dropped mine when i
> had the headphones in and i had about the same problem and a major
> glitch i had to have the headphones in and press it down hard to get
> any sound at all,, but someone in this forum sujested that it was a
> matter of bent springs or something and that it would be possible to
> fix it if you where good with that sort of stuff..
> I am not good with that sort of stuff and i had warranty so i just sent
> it in, maybe you want to try that.

I heard from somebody else (unless it was you) that reported the same issue.
That headphones jack seems to be nothing but trouble. Unfortunately, I
don't think I have a warrantee and the hassle/time involved just wouldn't
be worth it. I looked at some wireless headsets, but I don't know if they
come with software for the Palm. I would be glad to hear suggestions from
someone who has experience with that.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Sig aborted due to lack of interest"

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