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Re: Tabs, Portal and Mail

__/ On Saturday 27 August 2005 07:14, [Els] wrote : \__

Where have you been darling? Me missed you...

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I ended up with the same setup some months ago, particularly for opening
>> from feeds. I kept 'losing' tabs if links were opened in the tab
>> currently in focus. I am more afraid about losing track of 'impending Web
>> pages' to skimp than I am of having many tabs open.
> Yup. I actually like it to, in the end of the day, look at all the
> open tabs one by one, and leave the interesting ones open while
> dismissing the rest. In the morning Opera only shows good information
> and funny pages :-)

See earlier message. I have some risk of losing my tabs when extensions
interfere with one another. *frown*

> Do you know you can let Firefox go to whichever URL by mapping words
> to URLs? Like I've mapped a Dutch dictionary (vandale.nl) search page
> to the 'word' "vd". I only type 'vd' in the address bar and hit enter.
> Goes straight to the right page. The portal is handy for the larger
> lot of links, but the ones you use really often are quick enough via
> the url and typing short codes.

Yes, I heard about it, but keymarks will not 'travel' with me. I discussed
that with John Bokma yesterday. The portal is more -- shall we say --

>> CTRL+T->ALT+Home to return to the portal in new tab.
>> This had me lose the hype for mouse gestures.
> I never even got into mouse gestures. Sometimes I make some funny
> move, and Opera will ask if I want to start using mouse gestures. I
> like the "no" button :-)

Keyboard is quicker. Gestures are more admirable.

>> Excuse my freaky browsing obsessions... I hope I don't give the wrong
>> impression. Honestly.
> That all depends on what impression you wanna give. You mean you wanna
> come accross as someone who doesn't care about how he's using the
> browser? Failed <g>

Use of the browser is very important to me. I haven't written some code to
track and /summarise/ my usage (getting close though <
http://www.schestowitz.com/Utilities/Complete/Linux/Display_Grabber/ > ),
but I imagine that I use the browser 70% of the time (this includes mailing
lists and remote mail), newsgroups reader about 20%, feeds reader under 5%
at the moment and I hope to reach 0% when it comes to personal E-mail
messages (I recently get annoyed when that little icon comes up). I use
Wikis to correspond with friends and family, parents included.

>>> In Firefox I like the fact that the cross for closing a tab is not on
>>> the tab itself, but to the right.
>> Yes, I know exactly what you mean. RSSOwl makes that mistake.
> Opera too. Very hard to click a tab open without accidentally hitting
> the little cross. (only cause I have 28 tabs open)
> Had never heard of RSSOwl, so I just downloaded and installed it. Now
> I just have to see if it has any advantages over Awasu and/or
> Feedreader :-)

It might not, but it's Open Source and cross-platform (import/export
included, hence 'cross-application'... did I just coin that term?).

>>> The usual amount of tabs open in
>>> Firefox for me is about 6 to 10. And usually pages I'm accustomed to,
>>> I recognize the favicons if I can't read the titles.
>> It becomes problematic if sites are broad or when you visit foreign
>> sites.
> Why? Not sure what either the width of the site or the origins have to
> do with the width of the tab?

I was thinking about site breadth, i.e. number of pages, levels, complexity.
One domain = one icon (usually), but one domain = many pages/sections.

>>> Two screens... I can only wish :\ ;-) I have a sidebar on my desktop,
>>> and use alt-tab (with some XP power tool) between progs. Dialog and
>>> OE are always full screen, Opera on about 1000x950, and Firefox on
>>> whichever size I'm checking pages in. Apache minimized, chatwindows
>>> about 500x900, Textpad and Ace-FTP almost fullscreen.
>> You know exactly what you like. *smile*
> <g>
>>>> I have just set up a professor with
>>>> OE. I told him that he should use Thunderbird, but sitting here at
>>>> the office downloading and installing it would have been bad use of
>>>> my time. *grin*
>>>> ...at least I told him it was cr*p... same about Windows...
>>> You did good. <g>
>> Good for me, or good for him? *grin* And don't get this reversed, what I
>> did was good (easier) for me, but bad for him.
> I meant you did good in at least mentioning to him that it's crap :-)
> I did the same with my Dad. I installed Firefox on his pc, but left IE
> on too, so he has something to fall back to when hitting a site that's
> "not designed for" Firefox. Basically means I didn't make his
> environment any safer, but I did broaden his horizon a bit ;-)

I gave up on dedicating my whole to convince people that Windows-bundled is
not always best. I think my mom still uses Firefox because it supports
Hebrew fonts.

>>>> so I keep everything on a single physical
>>>> hard-drive. My obsession with archives sometimes scares me.
>>> With such an obsession for archives, I'd be scared of a crashing
>>> hard-drive.
>> No, au contraire (pardon my French). I am prepared to lose a hard-drive
>> any day. Last time I backed up this entire hard-drive was... about 12
>> hours ago. A cron job put all changes since then on the SAN a few hours
>> ago. A cron job takes care of it.
> Ah right, you have more than one drive with the same archives on it.
> I'd do that if I didn't need all the space on my two harddrives :-)

One of the main purposes of the new machine is to server as a storage area,
thereby helping me sleep well at night. Not bad for a powerful box that
cost around $300... it was a rational choice. Nytol is more expensive.

>> I like 'passive' mail. With all the mailing lists and spam, I still get
>> plenty to read, but I usually just read some subject lines. Newsgroups
>> are the exception.
> You /read/ all the messages on Usenet (well, for the groups you
> subscribed to) ?

Gosh, no. *smile* 50 or so newsgroups are too much to keep track of. I just
have a wider variety to select from. Feeds likewise (I think over 100).

>> I bought a new Linux box about 2-3 hours ago... sister will take my old
>> laptop. SuSE would be insulted because it's a Mandrake box that I bought.
> So, why did you get Mandrake and not SuSE again?

It comes pre-installed. I enquired a few hours ago to see which distro will
serve me best. I might wipe it in favour of Ubuntu or SuSE 10 beta 3, which
one of the gurus (Alan) argued should be highly compatible. It is so
wonderful to have choice.

>> With 3 Linux boxes (home, work, university) I can now have my triple
>> backup. Can't beat that! *smile*
> Indeed. I'd have to go back to school, and start work somewhere else
> than at home to be able to do that <g>

School is for suckers, but industry over-evaluates it. Nothing /useful/ that
I learned was acquired at school.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Error, no keyboard - press F1 to continue"

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