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Re: Delete all data on T/X?

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [Mack McKinnon] on Monday 05 December 2005 19:40 \__
>> Has anyone tried to delete all their data on a Palm TX?  I tried it,
>> following the instructions on the Palm website but it would only reboot,
>> keeping all the data intact.  Normally great, but if I really want it to
>> delete everything,
>Look  into  a hard reset with data loss (use Web searches if requires).  I
>believe  you  must pin down the up (or power on/off) key  while  resetting
>your  Palm  (the  hidden button is probably the back of the  Tungsten  X).
>Then,  you  will probably be asked if you want to purge all data from  the
>Palm (excluding built-in applications in ROM), to which you can enthusias-
>tically reply "yes".

Two additional points: Many don't hold the button down *long enough* and thus
don't get a *hard* but rather a soft reset. Second, don't do any hot sync after
the hard reset or your unwanted material will return.

>From the Palm site:

Hard Reset
Warning: A hard reset will erase everything on your device. 
All your data will be removed, and formats, preferences and 
other settings are restored to their factory default settings. 
Don't perform a hard reset unless you've backed up your data, 
or you're willing to lose everything.
HotSync note: Some third-party applications change the way 
your handheld backs up data. Other third-party applications do 
not back up data. If you have third-party software on your 
device, please contact the developer to learn what components 
are backed up during a HotSync operation, and if HotSync 
conduits are altered. Any data not backed up will be lost. 
Hold down the power (on/off) button on your device.
Note: Treo 600 smartphones have two power buttons. Hold down 
the one on the top of the unit next to the antenna. 
While holding down the power button, turn over your device 
so that you can see the back of it. Still holding the power 
button, use an unfolded paper clip or a similar small 
object, to gently press the RESET hole on the back (Where's 
the reset hole?). 
When the device's screen displays the Palm Computing 
Platform or Palm Powered logo, release the power button. 
Depending on your device, this logo looks like:
On some devices, you may see a palmOne logo and a progress 
bar first. Do not release the power button until the second, 
circular Palm Powered logo appears.
Keep holding the power button during this screen. When 
you see this screen, you can release the power button. 
A message will appear warning that you are about to erase 
all the data stored on your handheld. 
In response, do one of the following: 
Press the UP button to complete the hard reset, erasing 
everything on your device
Press DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT to begin a soft reset, leaving 
your data intact. 
Your device will then take you through a series of screens 
to calibrate the digitizer and verify the time and date.
Note: A hard reset does not delete the current date and time. 
It does restore other settings to the factory default. 
If you have paired Bluetooth wireless devices, you will need 
to re-pair those devices after a hard reset. A HotSync 
operation does not backup the secure pairing files. 

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