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Re: 2 Gb Sd Card Palm Tungsten C?

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [James] on Tuesday 06 December 2005 02:10 \__
>> Is there any way to get a Palm Tungsten C to read a 2 Gb SD card?

>The  Tungsten C is not among the most modern models, so I believe it  will
>be unhappy/unfamiliar with 2 GB SD cards. I suggest you take a look at the
>Palm  knowledgebase  for a more accurate answer. 

Roy is correct on both counts, from the Palm site:

Solution ID: 34080

Maximum SD expansion card size and transfer speed for palmOne handhelds

LifeDrive: see Knowledge Library article 39823 instead of this article.

Because Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) technology continues to
evolve, newer expansion cards may offer different features, such as larger
capacity and faster transfer speed, than were available for us to test when we
developed our handhelds. Although we couldn't test future expansion cards with
older handhelds during development, we expect many newer expansion cards to work
with older palmOne devices.

The maximum size of expansion card that can be used in your device depends on
the model.

Treo 650, 600 Tungsten T5, E2 Zire 72 LifeDrive and newer devices
We have tested 2GB expansion cards with these devices and can say with
confidence that they will work in these palmOne devices.

Tungsten T3, T2 Zire 71, 31 and previous devices
The file system used by these models, and those that came before them, can
support expansion cards up to (but not including) 2GB. At the time of writing,
1.5GB cards are available, and these will work with these devices. 2GB cards
will not.

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