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Re: Recovery Time - Training Only One Muscle Group

"Blair P. Houghton" <b@p.h> wrote in message
> joe <nospam@me.com> wrote:
> >The question is: would my delts/traps recover faster since they are the
> >muscles my body needs to repair?
> Interesting question.  Maybe a little.  The lack of other
> muscles taking protein etc. out of the bloodstream might
> keep the concentration of those a little higher, which
> should push the chemical reactions along.

Thanks.  I guess I'll just listen to my body.  I'll start out with 2 days
rest and see how that works.


> >Or, are their recovery times pretty much
> >constant whether I'm working other muscle groups at the same time or not?
> >Any idea how much I could decrease my recovery time?
> They grow when they're resting.  The workout is just there
> to tell them why.
> >P.S.  I'm mostly and ectomorph hardgainer, so I lift heavy, with low
> Eat, and mix up the heavy/low-rep work with light/high-rep*high-set work.
> Get both your type-II and type-I fibers growing.
> I did an 8x8 workout (8 sets of 8 reps at 50% of 1-rep
> weight with 15-20 second recovery between sets) on just my
> delts and biceps yesterday, and last night lying down in
> bed I felt my delts bigger than ever and today my biceps
> are sore for the first time in weeks.
> --Blair
>   "And tomorrow is gym day."

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