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Re: Recovery Time - Training Only One Muscle Group

joe wrote:

> I have narrow shoulders and would like to maximize delt/trap growth.  I
> was thinking about temporarily stoping training of ALL other muscle groups
> (except for light maintenance workouts) and doing ONLY delt and trap work
> for a while.

To begin with, I must say that duration of workout on one particular muscle
group, will not necessarily maximise its size. The muscle require rest,
diet... and also exercise in order to grow.

> The question is: would my delts/traps recover faster since they are the
> only muscles my body needs to repair?

I'd say "no", but obviously there are some effects (in terms of body
resources). Soreness of muscles is the cause of breakage of fibre, not

> Or, are their recovery times pretty
> much constant whether I'm working other muscle groups at the same time or
> not?

I suggest that you don't neglect other muscle groups. Do more types of
exercise and allocate a larger number of sets to those muscle which need
extra growth.

> Any idea how much I could decrease my recovery time?

The longer and more frequently you work out, the better your inter-workout
recovery time becomes. I am not sure about intra-workout recovery, but I
think it's also affected positively. 

Roy Schestowitz

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