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Re: Recovery Time - Training Only One Muscle Group

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> joe wrote:
> > I have narrow shoulders and would like to maximize delt/trap
growth.  I
> > was thinking about temporarily stoping training of ALL other muscle
> > (except for light maintenance workouts) and doing ONLY delt and
trap work
> > for a while.
> To begin with, I must say that duration of workout on one particular
> group, will not necessarily maximise its size. The muscle require
> diet... and also exercise in order to grow.
> > The question is: would my delts/traps recover faster since they are
> > only muscles my body needs to repair?
> I'd say "no", but obviously there are some effects (in terms of body
> resources). Soreness of muscles is the cause of breakage of fibre,
> exhaustion.
> > Or, are their recovery times pretty
> > much constant whether I'm working other muscle groups at the same
time or
> > not?
> I suggest that you don't neglect other muscle groups. Do more types
> exercise and allocate a larger number of sets to those muscle which
> extra growth.
> > Any idea how much I could decrease my recovery time?
> The longer and more frequently you work out, the better your
> recovery time becomes. I am not sure about intra-workout recovery,
but I
> think it's also affected positively.
> --
> Roy Schestowitz
> http://schestowitz.com

Wasn't there something a long time ago about exercises to increase
rib-cage size through special attention to breathing while lifting?  Or
something like that?  I was a mere youth, so I can't remember where I
saw it or gage the value of the info.  Just seeing if someone else had
heard of it.

- bc

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