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Re: Typos in body, corrections in footer

www.1-script.com wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> What Dmitri jokingly suggested was a large bunch of pages like:
>> Google have just introduced...
>> ....more text here...
>> ---------FOOTER---------
>> For those who cannot spell: mun, moun, mune, oogle, moogle, shmoogle
>> I don't think crawlers will perceive this with a good eye. Keywords,
>> however, would be a cleaner SEO technique.
> Hey Roy,
> No the joke actually went backwards ;-) What I was thinking was this:
> Commemorating 36th anniversary of the MUN landing, GUGLE have just
> introduced...
> ..more text of the same weird type...
> ------------FOOTER------------
> For those who can't spell right: GUGLE is actually GOOGLE, and MUN is
> MOON. Have a great day.


> I mean, I don't know if I myself would put something like that onto one of
> my sites ;-), but I don't see it as keyword spamming either. From Google
> Bot's AI standpoint GUGLE is a keyword, and GOOGLE is also a keyword.
> Granted, GOOGLE should have more weight since it's spelled correct, but
> GUGLE, as long as it's used on some pages, should have some weight too
> (and MUCH less competition)

They say that if you don't get listen to, you should shout. I guess speaking
gibberish would have the same effect more or less.


Speaker: Can anybody explain to me what Google is?

Audience attendant #1: Google is a search engine

Audience attendant #2: Google are a company from California

Audience attendant #3: It's Brin and Page

Audience attendant #4: Google is the search department of Microsoft


Which answer will you remember best after the session?


Roy S. Schestowitz

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