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Re: Duplicate URL's from RSS

info_at_1-script_dot_com@foo.com (www.1-script.com) wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
>> Agreed. I do it, and I guess Roy too, just for tracking purposes of
>> the feeds (how many readers read the feeds and how often). If a site
>> ever makes 
>> a link to the via_rss I will email them to change it :-D.
> Hmm... I don't think we are on the same page here ;-)
> YOU construct those links via those XML feeders,

Nah, my own script.

> and it is totally in
> your power to take that ?blah-blah off if you'd be willing to give up
> that tracking.

True, as I wrote, it's temporary in my case, for tracking purposes.

> Basically, the other website (unless they re-process
> your XML, which would be a bit unethical if they change your links)

My feeds are not made available through other sites (yet) :-)

> has not control over the URLs, and there is no point in contacting
> them other than to thank for picking up your feed ;-). If you sent
> them ?via_rss , they'll send the bot to ?via_rss, where else?

True. If that happens, I change my feed(s). For now, I keep the tracking, 
and if a webmaster puts a link to a page, because he copy pasted a link 
from, for example, Firefox, I email him/her and ask to drop the via_rss 
part :-D.

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